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'Agriculture of Sri Lanka'

Agriculture of Sri Lanka written by Dr. C.S. Weeraratna and Dr. P.A. Weerasinghe provides a marvellous insight for planners, policy makers and those involved in developing the agricultural sector.

The book encompasses the primary features of the country, its natural resources, topography, climate, rocks and water resources.

It also makes a valuable assessment of the traditional agricultural system, the age old shifting cultivation and growth of the plantation sector during the British colonial time and elaborates the current status quo of plantation, field crops and research and training institutions on agriculture.

The book details the economic policy framework of the government on self sufficiency in food and nutrition security through the modernisation of agriculture giving special attention on increasing production, processing and value addition to agricultural produce.

The policy aims to improve the livelihood of the rural community which depends on agriculture as the main source of employment. Nearly 35 percent of the population is directly involved in agriculture.

The need to accelerate agricultural development through sound strategies and appropriate plans have been discussed.

Sri Lanka has two agricultural sectors; a well managed and export oriented plantation crop sector which include tea, rubber, coconut, sugarcane and the spice and the non plantation crops sector which include rice, coarse grains, oil crops, fruits and vegetables.

The book comprises seven chapters; basic agricultural data of Sri Lanka, agriculture in ancient Sri Lanka, agriculture in present Sri Lanka, plantation crops, annual crops, agriculture of Sri Lanka-future and institutions involved in agriculture.

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