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The plantain tree

The plantain tree is a very pretty tree. It grows to a height of eight to ten feet. It has no branches. The trunk is straight, smooth and tender. The plantain tree is like an open umbrella.

The bunch of fruits is at the top of the tree. Each tree bears a bunch, containing between fifty to hundred plantains. The flower is at the top of the bunch. When one or two plantains in the bunch turn yellow, the bunch is cut off.

However, when the bunch of plantains is cut off, the tree usually dies.Small shoots come out from the foot of the tree.

These shoots are taken out and planted in different places.There are different kinds of plantains. Some are sour and some are sweet.

We eat the ripe plantains. Children are very fond of ripe plantains. We cook and eat some green, unripe plantains (ash plantains). We cook the plantain flowers too as a vegetable.

The plantain tree and its roots are good food for cattle. The plantain tree grows well in all parts of Sri Lanka. The plantain tree is a useful tree.

The value of 25 cents

One evening, on my way home after school, I met a beggar. So, I gave him 25 cents. Thereafter I passed the beggar, I heard him muttering as to what he can do with this 25 cents. I also reflected on what he said and thought may be nothing much. However I kept walking and got into the bus, to get back home.

But in the bus, I realised that I was short of 25 cents to pay my fare. So, I was forced to get off the bus and walk home. The distance was two bus halts.

Then half way through, suddenly it started to rain heavily. I got drenched and as a result I developed a fever. I had to consult a doctor and get medication. My parents had to spend about two thousand rupees for the trishaw, doctor's fees and medicines.

All this happened because of that 25 cents. If I had that 25 cents, I would have travelled home by bus, and got home before the rain. And then, I would not have fallen ill and ended up spending so much money.From that day I realised the value of this small 25 cents. Even though it cannot do much on its own, with many more such coins, it could do a lot.

School - our second teacher

The school is very closely associated with our lives because it is the second teacher we meet in life, after our parents. The school assists us to build successful lives and also cultivate good habits.

We can add a lot of ethics to our lives from school. We learn to follow rules and respect good qualities at school.

It is our responsibility to make the best use of school. From the beginning to end we must learn to be disciplined. We must go to school early in the morning, clean our classrooms and the yard around the classrooms and behave well at class.Getting a good education is one of the main objectives in life. Through education we not only enhance our knowledge, but also build a good personality and become good people in society.

Teachers always assist us to achieve this. They like to spend their valuable time to help us. So, we must know how to respect them for their valuable service.

Within school or out of the school, we must always respect our school because it provides us all that we need; education and grounding for the present and the future. We must learn to live in peace and harmony at school to make it a really beautiful place.Sometimes some students break the school rules and regulations and the principal and teachers punish them for it.

But they generally do not punish students out of any malice or a personal grudge. They love the students and do so mostly for the good of the students.

School life is basically a time full of happiness which we can enjoy once in our whole lives. We must add good things to our lives as far as possible during this period. We must also try to be good students and accept the discipline at school. It is very useful for us.

If we can be disciplined people we can lead happy, successful lives as adults.

What animals have in common

Animals are not objects, they are living creatures. There are various kinds of animals, but they are all alike in many ways. How are these animals alike? All animals have a body covering. They all need food and water. They all breathe.

Animals can move from place to place. They do so in order to find food mostly. They also move to get away from danger.Animals too need homes. They need homes for shelter and for safety. All the species of animals produce young.

Importance of reading

Reading is one of the most interesting hobbies. We should start reading from an early age.

Parents and teachers encourage us to read. Our parents buy us newspapers and story books to read. There are many children's magazines and newspapers such as the Junior Observer and Funday Times to read, apart from books.

We can improve our vocabulary and our writing skills by reading. We could use these new words we learn by reading, to converse.

We can also learn many interesting facts about other countries, people and cultures through books even if we cannot travel to these places.

There are many differences in other countries compared to ours. Their languages, customs, traditions, political background, climate etc are all different to ours. We can also get to know about various important and famous places around the world by reading. There is a famous saying "Reading maketh a full man", which shows the importance of reading.

A rainy day!

Sky is dark with black clouds

Birds are shouting and flying away

Lightning is flashing in the sky

Loud noises are heard everywhere

The sun light has disappeared

Rain water falls to the earth

It's a rainy day!

Dust is gone, smoke is gone

Because its raining everywhere

Mountains are covered with mist

And plants get a new life

With the rain, cold winds spread

The flowers are full of dew

It's a rainy day!

Modes of transportation

Transportation is a basic need of the people. In the past, people did not have to travel a lot because they were self-sufficient. But, with the invention of the wheel people's needs too increased day by day.

So, they started to use transportation to get from one place to another. There are different modes of transportation. They are land, water and air transportation.

What is land transportation? Land transportation is very common and a popular mode of travel. There are cars, vans, buses, trains, bicycles etc.The land transportation is an easy mode of transport. However I don't travel by bus generally. I like to travel by train. Cars, vans, lorries, bicycles, etc. are personal transportation. Buses and trains are public modes of transportation. Land transportation is a good mode of transportation.Transportation by water is also popular. There are boats, ships, submarines, yachts, etc. Ships are very good means of transportation. Many goods are transported by sea in cargo ships. This mode of transportation is very dangerous, but enjoyable too. People travel by ship too in passenger liners.

Air transportation is a very popular way of travel today. It is fast too. Even though it is dangerous, many travel by air the way we travel by bus or train, in other countries.

School prize-giving

Our school prize-giving was held on October 19, on a grand scale and it was a great day for all of us. At the main gate, the smart school band was waiting to warmly welcome the chief guest. The path leading to the main school hall was decorated with coloured balloons and flowers, making the "Rhewatha Main Hall" look grand.

We students had to take our seats long before the inaugural time and it was a long wait for all of us. The prefects had some trouble in keeping us quiet. The principal, Mrs. M.D.L. Adhikaram and some teachers were at the entrance to receive the chief guest Prof. Mrs. Kusuma Karunaratne who had been invited to give away the prizes. When we heard the sound of our school band, we knew the chief guest had come. Then soon after, the principal and teachers walked up to the stage with the chief guest. We all got up and cheered.

First our principal gave a long speech about the history and the advancement of our school. Then the chief guest delivered another valuable speech, not only appreciating what our principal said, but also emphasising how we as girls should behave in society. She also advised us to learn well. After her speech, she was invited to give away the prizes. One of our school masters called out the names of students who had won prizes and the prize winners marched up to the stage and collected their prizes with a bow. We cheered everyone.

I too had to march up to the stage to collect my prize. I received a certificate and a lovely medal for my best performance in gymnastics. I had great joy at being given this golden opportunity. It is something I have never experienced in my school career. I went back to my seat embracing the noble prize with pride. At the end, when the chief guest left the place, we all stood up and cheered. I wish that my school could achieve the best in all aspects in the future.

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