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Failed mission

The Retired General had a pow wow with Ik-bal Hand-aas to settle "old"scores. He had asked the defence scribe to support him at the upcoming Prez polls. "First, you must withdraw your earlier statement that I'm an LTTE informant," the scribe replied. The General returned home dejected after failing in the mission.

Bad times

Many assume that Ra-Blue is overjoyed after the Elephant Party decided to support the ex-military man. But barely anybody knows what Ra-Blue had told Vaj Abey when the latter planned to fire at the committee that is working. "Don"t worry. Let the fellow save me from bad times. We could pull his leg and assure his defeat at the last minute,"

Sha-Lee's campaign

Asha Sha-Lee is giving leadership to the anti-General camp of the Elephant Party under the patronage of Johnny Boy and Indi Banda, the trio who openly opposed 'imports' to the party at the last working committee meeting. Many chief organisers of the party have already pledged support to Sha-Lee after Ra-Blue ordered his men to support the General.

Es Bee out

Es Bee is deeply perturbed after his scheduled speech at the Green lawyers meeting with the Retired General was cancelled on the instructions of Ra-Blue. Fearing that Es Bee will open the floodgates, Ra-Blue said a firm no to a request from the organisers. Even the retired military man had requested that Es Bee should be given a chance.

Presidential crossovers

At least five seniors of the Elephant Party, including two ex-Ministers, are to extend support to MR during the Prez polls campaign. Utterly disgusted with the recent turn of events and extremely weak party leadership, the green stalwarts are to extend unconditional support to MR and save the nation from opportunist politicians who have 'invaded' the party.

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