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The Ďnetí and you

Though internet usage is 8.3 percent in Sri Lanka at present it will increase soon due to more people becoming computer savvy, said founder of 101010 Ramesh Srivats. He said that in the future, with people becoming knowledgeable about the internet and its uses Sri Lanka can leapfrog and make the maximum use of the net. Internet is not orderly and hierarchical but it is random. The paradigm used by the internet is mass media. On the net you can be yourself and can be funny, serious or angry.

The company Blendtec which manufactures blenders uploaded a small video on its uses and in one day it had 18 m hits which proves that people like to know about the latest developments around the world.

Srivats said that people are polarized on the net and there are no hidden agendas. There is much creativity and expertise.

Therefore exchange of information is possible and fast.

Earlier, brands talked and people listened but now they donít listen but want to see for themselves.

The internet has expanded its sources of information, has a variety of opinions with no control, no mass media. People ignore, ridicule and move on. Before a person buys a product unlike before they can get a feel of what they are going to buy.

The brands too have matured and are rich and most importantly cannot be controlled. Peopleís lives donít revolve around brands anymore but around people.



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