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Government Gazette

To minimise flood damage:

Need for spatial planning in development

Today’s society is ever more vulnerable to natural disasters due to the concentration of population, environmental degradation and a lack of planning, management and preparedness. With an alarming increase in natural disasters throughout the world, caused by global climate change as well as due to adverse effects of human intervention, the time has come to take immediate steps to minimise the loss of human lives, damage to economy and environment.

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VIGNETTES - By R.S Karunaratne

The violence of disease

Have you ever been diagnosed with any kind of incurable disease? If so, you will find that it is one of the most distressing situations in life. When you are young you never give thought to dreaded diseases such as cancer, heart problems and paralysis. But when you reach middle age you will be compelled to visit physicians and specialists. Then you find that all diseases, especially the incurable ones, are painful, frightening and devastating.

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Science and technology could help win economic war

In the context of present development President Mahinda Rajapaksa has said that the next objective is to win the economic war. It is necessary that we should have a five-year strategy which would lay the foundation for economic take off. The sixth Biennial Conference on Science and Technology (BICOST-VI) was held a few weeks ago organised by the National Science and Technology Commission. The conference was to work out an action plan to implement the National Science Policy of the government.

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