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LOLC powers green energy

LOLC, made a sustainable commitment to green energy by completing a 48KW solar system installation in its head office in Rajagiriya.

The grid connected solar system, was commissioned in July 2010. Containing solar cells made up of 8 arrays with 8 inverters each having the capacity of 6KW, the solar system can generate electricity leading to saving 15 percent of current consumption from the national grid per month. The system was designed, installed and commissioned by Access Solar Pvt Ltd.

LOLC premises in Rajagiriya

With this installation, LOLC has taken further steps to incorporate environmental sustainability to the business.

Access to information on generation of solar energy will be made available to employees through the internet portal shortly, in order to educate them on this significant initiative undertaken by the company and to also strengthen their environmental consciousness.

LOLC Motors Ltd - a new venture of the LOLC Group has several eco friendly measures built into its vehicle repair facility.

To minimize use of fresh water, 70 percent of the rain water is harvested, stored, treated and used. Waste water from the service section is treated through a micro biological process and about 90 percent is reused. The design of the complex maximizes the use of natural light, greatly reducing reliance on electricity for lighting.

The Group is conscious of the indirect impact the projects of their clients have on the environment and conducts an environmental impact assessment prior to financing any project or industry. With its partner FMO (The Netherlands Development Company) with whom LOLC has worked together for more than 15 years, the Company has implemented an environmental policy which includes environmental assessment as a mandatory requirement for any project funded by the Company. Training opportunities have been given to employees in this sphere by FMO.

LOLC also offers credit under the E-Friends II Loans Scheme for any industry investing towards the prevention of industrial pollution and waste.

The Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Kapila Jayawardena commenting on the initiation of the solar project said, “We at LOLC are committed to sustainability integration in our business operations. Being recognized as an eco-friendly entity is only a by product of our effort. Throughout the existence of the company LOLC has been mindful of our business footprint and this latest project aptly demonstrates our sensitivity to the environment as an important issue on the current backdrop of climate change.”


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