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Provide free access to info, enabling technologies - CSSL President

It is timely to address how information technology can be used to empower people to develop the country in this new era Sri Lanka entered into by defeating terrorism,” said Minister of Technology and Research Prof.Tissa Vitarana addressing the 28th National Information Technology Conference (NITC) 2010 organised by the Computer Society of Sri Lanka (CSSL) in Colombo last week.

The Government has strongly emphasised the vital role of ICT in building Sri Lanka’s new economy. ICT when properly used could open new vistas of great opportunities for people everywhere.

Sri Lanka with its high rate of literacy has a great opportunity to make use of ICT in every development activity, the Minister said.

Prof Vitarana valued the initiatives taken by CSSL as a professional organisation to empower the citizen of the country in every sphere by organising programs to advance public knowledge in ICT.

The President of CSSL Chrisantha Silva said that evolving ICTs, mainly in the area of web applications have created opportunities to improve the lives of many people.

If properly applied this holds great promise for the prosperity of our nation. Empowering the people involves providing free access to information and enabling technologies, he said. The theme of the NITC 2010 was “ICT:2.0: Empowering Sri Lanka to a new social order”. Keynote speaker at the conference was the Vice Chairman and former CEO of Tata Consultancy Services Limited India, S.Ramadorai.

A number of research papers were presented by IT professionals related to areas of ICT during the sessions held on August 11 and 12.



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