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Know your dog breeds:

Three aggressive canines

Most of you who have canines as pets must be knowing how loyal and faithful they are to their owners. There are many breeds of dogs in the world. Some breeds are easy to rear while others are rather difficult, because of their strong traits and inherited ailments.

Each breed of dog needs special care, so when you decide to have a dog as a pet it is always best to know everything about that particular breed;its temperament, its characteristic and what makes it unique, before you get one.

Today we thought of enlightening you briefly about three breeds of dogs which are considered to be dangerous by the experts. However, even these breeds can be very gentle and friendly depending on the type of affection and care each owner gives them from their puppy days. Any dog breed can become dangerous if abused and neglected.A lot of love and good care can make even the most aggressive breeds, lovable pets.

Doberman Pinscher

Popularly referred to as the 'Doberman' this dog breed which originated from Germany is classed as a dangerous dog, and definitely looks it too, with its tall compact, tailess body, alert ears and dark colour.In general it has an aggressive appearance and most people are scared of it.But , if you are looking for a loyal, intelligent and alert dog then a Doberman is the ideal choice. It would be very loyal to you but aggressive towards strangers.This breed generally does not like rivalry with other dogs.

What makes caring for a Doberman pinscher particularly dangerous is when the owners who lack guidance subject them to abuse or if not enough attention is given to them." In such instances the dogs could become destructive, dominant and extremely aggressive.

German Shepherd

A popular breed, the German Shepherd which also originated from Germany is considered to be one of the most dangerous in the world. However, unlike the Dobermans, this breed of dog does not have a particularly menacing look.German Shepherds have a mild look and are really beautiful specimens with their long coats of fur and furry tails.

Extremely intelligent, strong and obedient,these dogs are also know to be one master dogs. The reason why most police and military establishments employ them as guard dogs is their high level of intelligence and willingness to obey. A characteristic of the German Shepherds which makes them particularly dangerous is their aggression towards smaller dog breeds.


This breed of dog which is also known as the 'Butcher dog' is also included in the list of the most dangerous dog breeds in the world. These dogs are energetic, intelligent and hardy animals.

The thing which makes Rottweiler's and any dog breed for that matter dangerous is abuse and neglect. They also become a danger to the community if they do not have sufficient training in socialicing.They too need to be taught how to mingle with humans or other animals.

Rottweilers are generally aggressive towards other dogs of the same gender. If you have cats, birds and other pets in the house be on the alert because this breed of dog might also exhibit aggressive behaviour towards them.

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