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Lanka, a shining example

The Northern and Eastern Provinces are regaining their pristine glory as the Government is making every endeavour to develop infrastructure facilities for those who have been resettled in the area.

One may, perhaps, wonder whether the Western and Southern Provinces have got preferential treatment in the allocation of funds. Nevertheless, these two provinces have got relatively less funds compared to the Northern Province, which is on a fast track towards a new era of development.

Compared to the population density, the Northern Province has got the bulk of the funds for infrastructure development. President Mahinda Rajapaksa told media heads at Temple Trees on Thursday that the Ministry of Economic Development alone has spent two-and-a-half billion rupees on infrastructure development projects in Kilinochchi, despite the fact that there are only 27,000 families in the area.

The Government's sole aim is to usher in a better and secure tomorrow for the people in the North and the East. People in Kilinochchi, especially, had experienced the worst barbarism during the battle against LTTE terror. The Tigers forcibly used them as a human shield and subjected the hapless people in the area to untold misery during its terror rule.

The LTTE cared two hoots even for its own community, though the terror outfit projected itself as the guardian angels of the Tamils. Velupillai Prabhakaran and his gang of terrorists not only destroyed all public utility projects and facilities, but also ruthlessly killed innocent Tamils.

Had Prabhakaran and his goons had even an iota of compassion for their own community, the Tamils in the North and the East would not have undergone such misery. Apart from the indiscriminate killings of moderate Tamils who rejected terrorism in toto and valued ethnic harmony, the LTTE even went to the extent of destroying water tanks, transformers, public buses, trains and railway tracks, thereby driving innocent people from pillar to post in the North.

President Rajapaksa and the Government have been entrusted with the Herculean task of restoring all infrastructure facilities that had been destroyed by the LTTE. The President is keen to expend all resources to provide a better deal for those innocent civilians who had been liberated from the jaws of LTTE terror.

Despite the fact that the terrorists destroyed valuable public property, as a responsible Government, the President is not prepared to wash its hands and is keen to restore infrastructure facilities. The Government is now obliged to spend the bulk of the funds on development activities in the North and the East.

It is, however, deplorable that some LTTE sympathisers and a section of the Tamil Diaspora are acting in an irresponsible manner to cause ethnic disharmony. Together with a section of the local Tamil media and opportunistic Opposition politicians, they act in the most despicable manner to discredit the country.

As the President has stressed time and again we may hold different political and social ideologies, but we all have to act in one voice when it comes to our country. Unless this is done and we conduct ourselves in a highly responsible manner, sinister elements and interested international organisations would attempt to meddle in Sri Lanka's internal matters.

Their prime objective is to tag Sri Lanka as a failed state and moreover, level international war crimes' allegations against the country and attempt to exert pressure on the Government via the international community. Is there any logic as to why they should level such allegations against Sri Lanka, which has won a successful battle against terrorism?

At a time most leaders the world over are finding it increasingly difficult to seek solutions to international terrorism, Sri Lanka stands out as a shining example. Sri Lanka's valiant Security Forces not only demolished the world's most ruthless terror outfit, but also did so in keeping with the norms of human rights.

Although the Security Forces vanquished the LTTE leaders and brought about a bitter end to Prabhakaran's illusive dream of Eelam, certain Tiger sympathisers and a section of the Tamil Diaspora are now firing all volleys in an effort to keep their shattered dream alive.

A far-sighted President told media heads that he would never ever allow anyone to undermine the unity and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka. "I never bowed down to LTTE terrorism and would never allow anyone else to do so. I had not given what Prabhakaran wanted and I would not let anyone else achieve that "dream," he said.

The International Community too should give serious thought and not fall into the trap of LTTE sympathisers and Tamil Diaspora members who still live in a world of fantasy for a separate State. The President would never ever, even in his wildest dreams, undermine the great sacrifices made by those gallant soldiers. It is the bounden duty of all peace-loving and patriotic citizens, irrespective of their ethnic and religious affiliations, to unite and show the world that these interested international elements could no longer play the same 'game'.

The Government cares for the people in the North and the South more than any other political party. As India's National Security Adviser Shiv Shanker Menon told a recent meeting with Sri Lanka's media heads in New Delhi, no country or a group of people should worry if the people in the North are happy with the solutions given by the Sri Lankan Government.

This alone amply proves India's respect for Sri Lanka's sovereignty and territorial integrity. Together with Pakistan and other friendly countries, Sri Lanka has the ability to face any international pressure. Those countries which show extraordinary sympathy towards terror outfits, attempt to teach or punish Sri Lanka to fulfill their hidden agendas.

The world should open its eyes and see the Government's sincere efforts to provide a better future for those who have been resettled in the North. Let the world learn fresh lessons from Sri Lanka which has won international acclaim for battling terror as well as resettlement of displaced persons.


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