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Government Gazette

Victoria reservoir

Solution in nuclear-based energy mix:

Powering Sri Lanka

The Government of Sri Lanka is planning to establish a Knowledge Intensive Economy and transform the country into an emerging global economic hub. Utilising our innovative human resources, strategic geographic location and prevailing socio-political stability,

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Govt 2011 bonanza for State employees

Pensioners too benefited:

Special attention on intellectuals:

The five percent salary hike was approved by the Government to all public sector employees with effect from January this year, thus incurring an additional Rs. 50 billion expenditure on the exchequer. He said the salaries of most public servants will increase by Rs. 1,500 and will include the Cost of Living (COL) allowance of Rs. 600 as well.

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Farmers to earn more:

Army helps consumers to pay less

Soldiers selling vegetables ! To many it sounds strange but the need arose when traders began to sell vegetables at high prices. This compelled the soldiers to step into the business.

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Plays key role in constructing World Cup stadia:

State Engineering Corp shines again

The past glory of State Engineering Corporation (SEC) during the Kulasingha era will be brought back soon. A great responsibility lies with the SEC to develop the country under the leadership of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, said SEC Chairman,

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