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Infrastructure developed at rapid pace in Moneragala for Deyata Kirula exhibition

The 5th Deyata Kirula exhibition will be held at Buttala in the Moneragala District from February 4 to 10 to coincide with the Independence Day Celebrations. This is the first Deyata Kirula to be held in this neglected remote district with the objective of delivering the fruits of development to the rural masses. The organising committee of the exhibition said that the government has implemented a massive development program in the Moneragala District in connection with the Deyata Kirula program under the theme “let’s create a new Wellassa”.

Under this program the government will spend over Rs. 6 bln to build and renovate the road infrastructure, provide water,electricity, telephone connections, housing, education and irrigation.

A total of Rs. 4 bln. will be spent to renovate the road network in the area. A 45km stretch of road from Udawalawe to Thanamalvila, a 60 km stretch from Badalkumbura to Sellakataragama, the road from Maligavila to Buttala, the Bibila - Moneragala road, internal roads to the exhibition site will be developed while the provincial council will also repair and renovate roads that are coming under its purview.

A total of 121 power projects in the Moneragala district will be handed over to the people, said Power and Energy Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka.

The 121 power projects are being completed under the sub projects of Vidulamu Sri Lanka, Moneragala rural power project Number 4 and the accelerated rural power project. The 121 projects will benefit 5727 families and will cost Rs. 716.42 mln.

Under Vidulamu Sri Lanka, Moneragala, it is planned to build 90 power projects while already 77 projects are completed. The project will benefit 2144 families and the estimated cost is Rs. 270 mln.

The rural power project number 4 will provide power to nine projects under a SIDA loan of Rs. 97 mln. Construction is completed and it will cater to the needs of 603 families. In addition to these power will also be provided under the accelerated rural power scheme where 22 projects will be built at a cost of Rs. 348 mln. A total of 2380 families will benefit and already 14 projects are completed.

A total of Rs. 200 mln has been disbursed by the state banks as housing loans among low income people and state employees.

The government is spending Rs. 790 mln on water supply schemes which includes renovation and new connections.

Another Rs. 400 mln is being spent to improve the telephone infrastructure in the district and Rs. 400 mln is being spent to renovate the hospitals to provide a better service to the people of Buttala and the environs. Under the township development project the towns of Buttala and Wellawaya are being developed.

To develop sports and recreation in the area the grounds of Thanamalvila and Moneragala will be improved while 70 courts in the neighbouring areas too are being developed at a cost of Rs. 70 mln. Moneragala remained the least developed district for several decades and although the national poverty level remained at 13 percent in the case of the Moneragala. it stands at 33 percent with per capita income at US $ 1,200 despite the national per capita income being over $ 2,000. There are 58,360 Samurdhi recipients in the district. Over 12,000 of these families are being enrolled in self-employment schemes.


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