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Government Gazette
Edward Said

Edward Said The intellectual and Orientalism

The purpose of this article is to provide a brief introduction on Edward Said and his work for the benefit of the Montage readers who may not be familiar with his life and work. The result of this (three part) article is to take stock of my own reflections on reading Said’s work and life for a variety of reasons.

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Encounters - By Prof. Wimal Dissanayake

Marxism and linguistic communication - 6

At the end of my column last week, I underlined the importance of the concept of the lifeworld as enunciated by Jurgen Habermas. In today’s column I wish to explore this concept with particular reference to fictional criticism. Some might think that I am making too big a leap of imagination; I can well understand the reasons for such reservations. However, I feel that the concept of the lifeworld contains within itself certain seeds that can be germinated for the purpose of fashioning a broader approach to fiction.

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Cultural Scene - By Indeewara Thillakarathne

Galle Literary Festival 2011 - Who benefits from this grand show?

With the Turkish author and Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk, along with the Indian American author Kiran Desai pulling out from the GLF 2011 , this “grand literary show” is making headlines in international media. BBC has quoted the two authors, reporting a visa issue, as “Orhan Pamuk (in email to GLF organisers) “I am very sorry for and frustrated about this decision… I looked forward to seeing the beauties of Sri Lanka very much,” is said to have written. Ms Desai apparently had said: “Nobody could be sadder than me. I love Sri Lanka and had a super time the last time I was in Galle.”

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