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Marriage Proposals
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Love-Slave's poster funding

Saa-Jeet, the Love-Slave has apparently pulled out wads of notes stashed from the 1989-93 era to fund his crafty leadership campaign.

Love-Slave has undertaken to finance poster and banner campaigns of Elephant Party candidates contesting the LG polls, provided his picture is included alongside.

True colours bared

Love-Slave displayed his true Keselwatte colours and behaved in the most shameful manner when he confronted Sun Kind-Leader at a Green nomination meeting for the Thota that is Hamban. Kind-Siri had told Gingerly-Tha that Love-Slave's conduct was most unbecoming of someone aspiring to be their party leader.

Greenish Romeo exposed

Atta-Leader's spicy affair with Chandu-Knee of Banda type is now an open secret, following the couple's latest honeymooning in Doha. Atta-Leader's original better half, with a legal background, has now filed a criminal case at a court in the Gem-City.

Reddish battle for seat

A serious division has erupted as the Bell Boys and Fonny's 'unregistered' party battle it out for the vacant seat in the House of Diyawanna. Soome, the One-Sa feels that there is no point in fighting a losing battle and instead have one of their men to fill the vacancy. However, Anura-Prince is still in a world of Fonny's fantasy.

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