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Formulating treatment for respiratory care, a first for Sri Lanka

Akbar Pharmaceuticals launched a fully equipped formulation development and manufacturing facility for respiratory care recently.

Minister of Health Maithripala Sirisena hands over to Managing Director Akbar Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd Asgi Akbarally, the manufacturing license authorising Lina Manufacturing (Pvt) Ltd to manufacture respiratory care products.

LINA Manufacturing (Pvt) Ltd - a subsidiary of Akbar Pharmaceuticals, has entered an area, industry has been hesitant to enter due to its need for high investment investing equipment and research as a precursor to manufacture.

The greater achievement is in breathing fresh life in to an original idea - a Presidential award winning invention - developed by a Sri Lankan, Dr. Anil Goonethilake.

A novel product formulation, it is a unique inhaler device that facilitates fine particle dispensation.

Conceived and designed by Dr. Anil Gunathilake, it was developed and manufactured by LINA Research Centre after intense research and supporting assistance by the University of Moratuwa, the unique inhaler device which employs a simple mechanism to dispense a fine spray of particles to carry the medication directly tor required areas significantly increases speed of relief. LINA has also formulated and manufactured a specially designed capsule to be used with the device.

Akbar Pharmaceuticals invested in the facility knowing the risks involved in such a venture, but expressed complete satisfaction at the outcome.

General Manager Akbar Pharmaceuticals, Rohan Wettasingha said, "It calls for great courage and broad vision to take the decision to invest and manage a venture as important and ground breaking as this.

"This is a world-class facility and its products represent an unprecedented advance for Sri Lankan pharmaceutical formulation development and we're truly proud and privileged to be part of it", said Wettasingha.



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