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Government Gazette

Bad hats rounded up in city

One-hundred-and-thirty men including women linked to crime in the Colombo City were taken in for questioning during the past few days in an operation launched by the Colombo Crimes Division (CCD) for the April festive season.

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Govt not perturbed over HR allegations

Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said that the government was not perturbed over any allegations by human rights groups that accuse Sri Lanka of alleged human rights violations during the final stages of the battle against LTTE terrorists as Government troops had engaged in a battle in keeping with all humanitarian norms.

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Sand mining racket busted

A large-scale sand mining racket was discovered at Badigantota, Sooriyawewa following representations made to IGP Mahinda Balasuriya who ordered a crackdown on the operation last week.

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Sunday CRIME

Mystery surrounds killing of women

Niladura village located in the Divulwela area is a desolate village off Kahawatte in the Sabaragamuwa province. Niladura village acquired notoriety almost three years ago owing to several unsolved murders committed in the area.

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