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To stop credit card scams

DMS Electronics (Pvt) Ltd. (DMSE) and Hypercom recently introduced a number of innovative payment and encryption solutions.

Hypercom and DMSE came together to introduce an electronic payment processing solution to Sri Lanka and the Maldives in 1994.

The first PIN and standard's based debit product with MasterCard which was implemented in 1998, and the first card/points based online redemption loyalty product in 2001 were introduced by Hypercom and DMSE.

A threat to tourism was identified in the Maldives in 2009 and DMSE with Hyperom implemented and commissioned a solution in just less than three months after confirmation.

Today, banks in Sri Lanka are moving to take preventive measures by implementing such solutions. Hypercom and DMSE presented this state of the art solution to banks.

In the device front, having close ties with Micros solutions in Hong Kong, Hypercom has integrated and implemented their latest M4100 series GPRS mobile terminals for the Micro Hotel Management system. This integration allows the hotels to check in and check out their guests right from their rooms. This product too was demonstrated.



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