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Safe houses for abused children

The National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) has decided to establish safe houses and foster homes in all the provinces to provide safety and care for abused children.

According to reports, 878 children, between 10 to 16 years were abused in 2009 and 200 child victims, under the age of 10 years also reported in the same year.

NCPA, Chairperson, Anoma Dissanayake told the Junior Observer that abused children who are sent to these safe houses will be looked after well by provincial probation officers under the guidance of the NCPA.

She said safe houses will be established in collaboration with provincial probation officers in areas where there is a lot of calm and quiet as abused children need such an environment to heal and feel protected.

"We have decided to open the first safe house in the North Central Province and are also looking for individuals who are willing to take care of such children,".

She said the NCPA was prepared to pay these individuals to take care of these children.

Ms. Dissanayake also said a special fund will be opened under the NCPA Act to enable interested persons to make donations to be utilised for the welfare of such children. For more information in this regard, contact telephone number 0112778911/2.

Let's celebrate Earth Day

Preserving and protecting the Earth is the responsibility of each and every one of us because it is the only home we have.

Today we are reaping the results of all the damage we have done to Mother Earth, so it is important that we take action at least now to stop abusing the Earth.

Earth Day which falls on April 22 is an ideal time to focus our attention on ways to minimise the negative impact we humans have made on the Earth.

Think of ways you and your family and friends could make this year's Earth Day special. Initiate action to get a campaign going at school and your neighbourhood.

Earth Day which began in a small way has grown in significance today, becoming one of the most important hallmarks in the world of conservation and recycling.

It carries with it powerful connotations of ecological responsibility and taking ownership of our planet.

The first Earth Day was founded by Gaylord Nelson, a United States Senator on April 22, 1970 to instigate action to make positive environmental changes in our community. The first Earth Day was attended by 20 million Americans nationwide,

This small attempt to start something of this scale on the national level brought millions of people to band together in their neighborhoods, starting grassroots campaigns to help revolutionize the way we handled waste, recycling, power consumption, and conservation in general.

That event set a powerful precedent for the rest of the world, eventually inspiring more than 140 nations all around the globe to have their own Earth Days.

October 2010

Winners of 'Learn About America' Essay Competition

The October winners will receive cash awards from the Eisenhower Fellowship Association in Sri Lanka. on April 11.


12-14 years

1st place: Cash Award Rs. 30,000

Winners of July 2010: From left to right; Rajitha Teel Sudarshana, Fathima Shahala Munaz, Dilini Narmada Rathnayake, U.S. Ambassador to Sri Lanka - Patricia Butenis, M. N. F. Ashra, Gaya K. C. Samarakoon

Winners of August 2010: From left to right; Sewmini Pieris, Giyoshi Kesavan, Zameera Zaman Thaha, Madhushani Abeygunawardhana, U.S. Ambassador to Sri Lanka - Patricia Butenis, Vihanga Lakshani Amarakoon, Keshya Waidyani Maleeza Weerakkody, Hazma Waheed

Winners of September 2010: From left to right; Yogarajah Kishanthaney, Suwini Dileka Perera, K. G. Dulanka Chathurangani Koswaththa, S. A. Dehin Samaraweera, U.S. Ambassador to Sri Lanka - Patricia Butenis, Hansika Wansatilake, Nanduni Uthpala Chandrasiri, Fathima Bushra Faris, Rilwan Saliheen Shariffdeen

Nishara Sangapalaarachchi, St. Nicholas' International College, Colombo 7.

2nd Place: Cash Award Rs. 20,000

Raveena Weerabahu, Gateway College, Rajagiriya.

3rd Place: Cash Award Rs. 10,000

Yewon Yoon, St. Nicholas' International College, Colombo 07.


15-16 years

1st place: Cash Award Rs. 30,000

Hashini Rathnayake, Gateway College, Rajagiriya.

2nd Place: Cash Award Rs. 20,000

W. Naveen Devinda, Siridhamma College, Labuduwa, Galle.

3rd Place: Cash Award Rs. 10,000

Linda Warnakulasuriya, Kuda Kusum Balika Vidyalaya, Bandarawela.


17-18 years

1st place: Cash Award Rs. 30,000

Shahithiya Santoshkumar, Gateway College, Rajagiriya.

2nd Place: Cash Award Rs. 20,000

S. M. M. Razick, Ambakote.

3rd Place: Cash Award Rs. 10,000

Samantha Noreyana Fernando, Gateway College, Rajagiriya.


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