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Government Gazette

The NDDCB initiative:

A drug-free world for future generations

With the ending of the humanitarian operation and establishment of territorial integrity following 30 years of conflict, Sri Lanka was seen to be turning its focus on resolving crimes and drug abuse, while extending attention towards economic, social and cultural development with peace among all ethnic groups.

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The Rule of Law and global challenges

Having recently emerged from a world where might prevailed and the weak suffered, let us not forget that fundamentally, the rule of law serves as a critical bulwark for mediating and facilitating between and among competing and often divisive interests between the powerful and the weak and between the rich and the poor, at the national and international levels.

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DRP goes hi-tech with electro NICs

One-day service for Rs. 500:

Ordinary service in two weeks:

Jayantha Peris, a resident of Kurunegala had applied for a new National Identity Card (NIC) to the DRP through the respective area divisional secretary last year. Although he had attached all relevant documents including photographs and the necessary stamps, he had to wait for nearly seven months.

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Assessing UN Secretary Generalís Panel Report

I have now had an opportunity to read through what is supposed to be the Report of the Panel appointed by the UN Secretary General to advise him on what were termed accountability issued. The report has been leaked by the indefatigable Sanjana Hattotuwa, who does however note that he cannot confirm if this is the actual text. He adds that the UN has regretted the leak.

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