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Holding the mighty rock together

It is amazing how a giant rock standing in the middle of a great plateau has mesmerised humans for many centuries. Kings were enthralled by its natural fortress-like structure and the creations of their artistes and architects still astound visitors from all over the world.

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Vatadage at Medirigiriya :

Unique architectural marvel housing ancient stupa

Medirigiriya Vatadage, the ancient stupa house is situated 25 km from Polonnaruwa. The structure located in beautiful surroundings, has a history dating back to pre-Christian times. The first reference to the site in the chronicles was made during the reign of King Kanittha Tissa (192-194 AD) of the Anuradhapura era. Later, many kings contributed to the complex, and finally, after the invasion of Maga, the site was abandoned when the Sinhalese migrated to southern parts, unable to bear the torture under foreign rule.

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