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Six former Mayors back Milinda Moragoda


Milinda Moragoda

Six former Mayors of the city of Colombo have come forward to ensure the victory of the UPFA Group, led by former Minister Milinda Moragoda in the Colombo Municipal Council election.

They are M.H. Mohamed, A.H.M. Fowzie, Hussain Mohamed, Sirisena Cooray, Prasanna Gunawardene and Omar Kamil.

When contacted by the Sunday Observer, Special Commissioner, Colombo Municipal Council (CMC), Omar Kamil said UPFA Mayoral candidate Moragoda’s knowledge and experience will be immensely useful to continue the much praised development activities already implemented by the Government in the city during the past two years.

“There is a visible change in the city today. We are confident that Moragoda, as the first citizen, will transform Colombo in to one of the most attractive cities in the world,” he said.

“There is a considerable difference between the Central and Local Government administrations. An experienced politician such as Milinda Moragoda could make the city reach the high standards envisaged by the UPFA Government,” he said.

A.H.M. Fowzie

M.H. Mohamed

Sirisena Cooray

Omar Kamil
Yamuna Ganeshalingam

Senior Minister A.H.M. Fowzie said the massive development drive in the Colombo City, launched by the UPFA Government, should continue uninterrupted. If the UPFA Group, led by Milinda Moragoda, is voted in to office, the Government could achieve the target of making Colombo the most beautiful city in Asia, he said.

Milinda Moragoda is the best mayoral candidate, said former Minister Sirisena Cooray.

Excellent character

He said that Moragoda is of excellent character. He does not criticise others whether from his party or in the opposition. He has proved his mettle as a true politician, having close relations with local and foreign scholars and politicians. The city cannot be developed without the support of the Central Government. “As a former Mayor of Colombo, I could launch many development projects due to the close relations I had maintained with the then government,” he said.

Former UPFA Senior Minister M.H. Mohamed said the UNP has no unity or discipline within it today, as it had misled the masses with canards to cover up their political bankruptcy.

Mayoral candidate Milinda Moragoda has the vision to make Colombo the most advanced city in the world, he said.

Colombo Mayoral candidate Milinda Moragoda said the Government has made heavy investments to develop Colombo to make it more pleasant, cleaner and environment-friendly. Landscaping, road development, tree planting, improving the drainage system, efficient disposal of garbage and cleanliness and order are in rapid progress at present.

Moragoda said he would work closely with the Government to ensure the speedy completion of the continuity of development activities. A comprehensive program in collaboration with the Ministry of Defence and the Police will be introduced to make Colombo a safe city, he said.

He said he would introduce a system to coordinate with the Central Government and the Western Provincial Council to solve several issues related to the public.

Such issues had occurred due to the absence of an effective mechanism to coordinate with the Central Government and the provincial administration, he said.

Moragoda said unused old buildings and children’s playgrounds will be developed to benefit the people. There are several buildings of that nature in the Bloemendhal Road, Suduwella, Modera and Mattakkuliya areas. Such buildings will be effectively used for public purposes, he said.

UPFA candidate Yamuna Ganeshalingam, wife of former Mayor K. Ganeshalingam, said that UPFA Mayoral candidate Milinda Moragoda is a gifted leader. “I am a social worker and that is why I took to politics. It would be easy to work with a person of the calibre of Milinda Moragoda to implement our policies.”

“Development activities are going on in the CMC and it needs the support of the Central Government. People should exercise their right to vote and cast their valuable ballot for the right candidate during the election.

“All should cast their votes to elect the members of their choice.

“I will give priority to set up a special desk with telephone facilities at the CMC for women and elders to come or call at any time and lodge complaints on anything.

Arrangements will be made to upgrade all maternity hospitals and dispensaries located within the CMC,” Ganeshalingam said.



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