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Synchronise knowledge with mind power

There should not be any doubt about the old saying 'Knowledge is Power' and as resources are depleting, it has becomes even more relevant. The application of knowledge in the modern world has vast dimensions. Knowledge for mere information, capacity building, commercial value creation and personal branding are several applications commonly seen around the world.

Acquisition of knowledge has many sources with the fast tracked technology evolution and intense exposure people have today.

One may argue that acquisition of knowledge is today much easier than what it was in the days gone by.

The challenge is to convert knowledge into commercial value.

If I ask you why gain knowledge, I will get different answers from different people, based on each one's beliefs and level of understanding but I like to get one direct and honest answer from every single individual that is; knowledge for commercial value creation and social well-being. Mind you, commercial value creation first, because of the fact that without commercial success you cannot really create an equitable society.

So gain knowledge, market it, create commercial value and ensure social well being, in that particular order.

My expertise being in the area of business management, I have a natural tendency to advocate how knowledge can be converted into tangibles.

Success depends on the effectiveness of application and not on knowledge alone.

As employees, you capture knowledge and changes in the operating environment and their opportunities or challenges fast.

In response, you naturally focus on and get busier with effective application to convert knowledge into tangible value for your employer. But I make a bold statement here that is; knowledge itself is inadequate to be a successful man or a woman.

Synchronise knowledge with mind power for optimum value for you and others.

We say that life is a challenge based on external challenges we encounter, so we end up finding solutions externally. Ah...... pause for a moment and think for a while!.....see if you can recall instances where you challenged yourself or you yourself became a challenge to you - instances where you created internal barriers and situations where you internalised external challenges.

The reality is that solutions to a variety of problems lie within you. But how many times have you pointed the finger in your direction and asked yourself; is there anything in me that needs change as a potential solution to the problem?

The beauty is that challenging yourself in response to business challenges also enhances your capacity thus help build your competitive advantages in the job market. Don't you see the 'strong business' case for you!

Remember, no other power can overpower manpower.

Knowledge is dynamic and relative so keep updating it.

Some people think that once they finish formal education, learning stops. Nothing could be further from the truth. The world is constantly changing, as are our businesses. New technology and new sources of information require constant updating of our skills and knowledge.

Knowledge is dynamic and relative. It never reaches a point of adequacy. To stop learning is to fall behind and drop by the wayside. You must constantly enrich your knowledge and skills if you are to stay competitive in this fiercely competitive environment.



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