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Vast changes in education system in 2012

A more job oriented curriculum to be introduced:

On a Presidential directive important changes will be made in the present education system from January next year to pass more benefits to over 4.2 million school children in the country, Education Minister Bandula Gunawardana said.

Accordingly, teachers, students and parents could see a vast improvement in the school curriculum, examinations, grading of schools, teacher recruitments (taking into account their educational qualifications and teaching abilities), teacher transfers and promotions in the future.

Minister Gunawardane told the Junior Observer that the Ministry would also focus more attention towards the development of pirivena education and the quaility of education given by private and international schools to a large section of children in the country.

He said before implementing the proposed suggestions, they will be brought to the attention of religious leaders, the members of political parties currently represented in the Parliament, teachers and principals, organisations, University professors, professionals and also representatives of private and international schools countrywide .

Minister Gunawardane said the changes in the education system will help students to have easy access to local and foreign employment markets.

He said that President Mahinda Rajapaksa had stressed the need to strengthen the exsisting job-oriented education system to comply with the present day job requirement at a recent meeting held on this subject with Ministers and other relevant officials in the Ministries of Education and Higher Education, Youth Affairs and Skills Development.

He said vast changes are also needed to improve the technical, computer, Information Technology and vocational education of children, and called upon all experts in the relevant fields to form a suitable system for the benefit of a large number of students leaving schools after sitting for the Advanced Level examinations.

Sri Lanka records highest number of elephants in South Asia

The Wild Life Department announced that the wild elephant survey carried out from August 11 till 14 has revealed that an elephant population of 5,879 currently exist in the country.

According to Wild Life Department 1,107 out of the total 5,879 elephants are baby elephants.

The survey has also found 122 tuskers. The country was divided into seven wild life zones managed by a wild life director and these zones covered the national parks, nature reserves, strict natural reserves and sanctuaries in the country,the Wild Life Department said. .The counting of elephants took place at 1,553 centres around the country including the Northern and Eastern Provinces. The highest number of elephants, 1,751 had been recorded from the Mahaweli zone. According to the survey results, there are 47 elephants in the Central zone, 1,573 in the Eastern, 1,189 in Wayamba, 1,086 in the South and 233 in the Northern zones.

According to Department, the elephants were in a good health condition and Sri Lanka still recorded the highest elephant population in South Asia.

News in brief

New rules when airing scenes of smoking/drinking

The National Authority on Tobacco and Alcohol (NATA) has announced that TV channels will not be permitted to air any scenes showing smoking and drinking commencing from September 1st, 2011. The Chairman of NATA, Prof Carlo Fonseka said however, if the programme had been produced before the NATA Act became operative or if there are formidable practical difficulties in deleting such scenes, TV channels are to conform to the following instructions instead of covering those scenes with mosaics.

According to NATA,in the full 20 seconds preceding the commencement of the programme, TV channels should air the opening message provided by NATA without any obstruction or comment.

Whenever smoking or drinking scenes appear during any programme, the appropriate message provided by NATA should be aired on the bottom or top of the screen in an area occupying not less than 1/5 of the screen.

For a programme originally produced in language A and is subtitled or dubbed in language B, the message in language B should be displayed. These rules will apply to all TV Channels.

A 24 hour service to protect child abuse victims

The Child Probation and Child Care Services Department is operating a 24 hour Communication Centre to assist the victims of child abuse.

In case anyone wants to report incidents relating to child abuse they are instructed to contact the Centre via the hotline 011 2713039 or the Fax number: 011 2713257 or the email: [email protected] which will be in operation round the clock for immediate assistance. Probation and Child Care Services Department Commissioner, G.P.D. Somaratne said that under the new programme in operation from September 1,any information on child offenders and child victims could be communicated to the Departmen teven after office hours.

He added that if a child victim contacted this communication centre at night,and need protection,he or she would be temporarily accommodated in a child protection centre.This process will provide care and protection to child victims before they are produced in Courts."At present we are operating this service in the Western Province as a pilot project,"the Commissioner said.


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