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The best asset is education

“Education is the root of all blessings.” This is a great saying. There is a truth in this because we should receive a good education, to fulfil our dreams and ambitions.

If we get a good education we will have a bright future and we can go to the highest position in society. We can get a good job and secure a steady way of making a living.

If we have great wealth, it can be stolen or destroyed by fire or through some other means. But education is different. Nobody can steal it. It is the only thing that will stay with us until we die. This shows how important education is.

A person with a good education is highly respected in society. He shines throughout his life. If a person is not educated he will have to do manual work and not have a recognised place in society. In most instances he will be looked down by people.

There may be many obstacles when receiving a good education. But if we overcome them and study well, we can surely have a successful future. That’s why Aristotle said, “the roots of education are bitter but the fruits are sweet.”

So, we should try to have a good education from our early childhood.


I am well looked after...

I am very beautiful like a girl. Can you think who I am? I am a mango tree in the middle of Vishwa’s garden.

Vishwa is my owner. I enjoy good health because my owner waters me regularly. He covers my roots with soil and feeds me fertilizer.

Now he can reap lots of mangoes to eat and sell.

In the future I will give my trunk to build his house and make furniture.

I’m useful to bees and butterflies too. But the caterpillars are my enemies because they destroy my leaves. Other enemies are snakes and spiders.

My best friend is Vishwa. My other friends are bees and butterflies. I think I am a very strong and well looked after tree. I hope that in the future you too will become nature lovers who protect and care for the environment.

My house

My house is in Uswetakeiyawa. It is very beautiful and very clean. There are three rooms. The house is bright and full of light. It is near the sea and the Hamilton Canal. I like my house very much.

Gardening, a useful hobby

beautiful garden is something which is very essential for a happy life. A beautiful garden can always bring relief and freshness to our lives. As a result of that, most people do gardening as a hobby.

It is true that as children most of us don’t like to spend our time with a mammoty and rake, digging soil and cleaning weeds. We always like to play and watch TV. But I have realised the value of gardening. It takes us close to nature and teaches us to live with nature.

Gardening can be a leisure activity. We can grow flowers, fruits or vegetables in our garden when we are free. Then it benefits not only us, but also animals and other parts of nature.

Gardening can bring us both mental pleasure and an income. If we grow vegetables or fruits we can sell them and earn money.

It can also promote good health because we can consume fresh vegetables and fruits.

Our ancestors were very strong and healthy as they grew their own food in their home gardens. We must try to use our leisure in a meaningful way by engaging in a fine hobby like gardening. Then, it would make everything fresh and fine.

Your Poems

Memories of grandfather

I still remember your lovely tales
I still remember your dear words
I still remember your sweet meats
Never to fade away from my memory

You are the hero in my world
You are the follower in my world
You are the teacher in my world
Never to change from my memory

The way you fed me with sweet things
The way you protected me from nasty things
The way you took me to nice places
I’ll forever cherish in my heart

Et Athuru Sevana

I went on an educational trip
To know about some places and enjoy
Do you know what I liked the most?
It’s the place where calves are fed

The bulls and cows protect the calves
They are very pretty and playful
I can’t forget their mischievous behaviour
Some come again, asking for more milk

There are herds of elephants there
They add beauty to our world
They are a part of our environment
The Lord God made them all.

They have a right to live like us
In this beautiful world in peace
So let’s protect the trees ‘n’ forests
As they are in their natural habitats


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