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Reading, a great habit to cultivate

The Literary Month is drawing to a close but the interest in books will be kept alive even in the coming month as October is designated as the Reading Month.

How many of you were enticed to read at least one book featured in this section in the last two weeks? Of course those of you who are already in the habit of reading need no motivation to read any of the fascinating books that are available today, but others who hardly read would certainly need to be enticed to do so. We hope we kindled an interest in at least some of you to start reading ...

Reading is a good habit that children must cultivate because it opens the door to a treasure trove of knowledge and a world full of magic,fantasy and entertainment.

Reading is the platform on which your imagination can take wings to unimaginable heights. You can simply get lost in your own fantasy world as you leaf through each page and see the characters virtually dance before your eyes... Who can really afford to miss out on such an exilarating experience?

So, if you have not been interested in reading a book, think again and start reading today. Ask some book lovers about the wonderful experiences they have had because of their habit of reading.However,you must take care to select books that are suitable for children.

And also remember, even though it is important to cultivate the habit of reading at a tender age do not turn into a bookworm who neglects everything else when it comes to reading .There are many who have a voracious appetite for reading yet find time to engage in numerous other activities that are of benefit to them. Stop being glued to your television or computer and start reading now.Do not miss out on the wonder world of books...

Some of our readers share there views on reading with you today...

My favourite book

My favourite book is Harry Potter written by J.K. Rowling, one of the most famous as well as best-selling authors ever.

It is a series of seven books. Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azhabana, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter and the HalfBlood Prince and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows.This story is centered around a young boy named Harry who is left an orphan after Lord Voldemort- a very powerful wizard kills his parents Lily and James Potter.

It is a very spellbinding book which attracts children as well as adults. Each book tells us about the experiences Harry had each year at Hogwarts or elsewhere. Harry along with his friends Ron and Hermoine fight against Lord Voldemort. During this struggle Harry loses one of his most trusted people Professe Dumbledore. In this book my favourite Character is Hermoine Granger and the character whom I hate most is Lord Voldemort.

Though Draco Malfoy is very rude I feel very sorry for him because he is threatened by Lord Voldemort that if he doesn’t kill Professer Dumbledore, Lord Voldemort would kill him and his family.I think that this book should be read by all.

Not only now, but forever, Harry Potter will always be my favourite book.

I love to read

Have you heard the great saying “Reading maketh a full man” by Sir Francis Bacon? Well, my favourite hobby is reading. I read all kinds of books such as story books, novels, ghost stories and comics. I read newspapers and magazines too.

My favourite books are ghost stories such as Goosebumps and my favourite newspaper is the Junior Observer which is issued free with the Sunday Observer. I gather new words and improve my vocabulary through reading. I also get knowledge of our past and what is happening in the world today through reading books and newspapers.

Listening well to lessons at school isn’t enough. We should read too. Books and newspapers give us knowledge. I read all the books that I can lay my hands on. I’ve been reading books from a very early age. I buy books or borrow from the school and public library and also from my friends. When buying books my parents too help me in selecting them.

I have a vast collection of books and newspapers at home. I have a special place for my books and newspapers. I love reading. I always read books during leisure. It is a very interesting hobby and I hope that reading would help me become a better person in the future.

Reading as a hobby

In my leisure I mostly read. I prefer reading fairy tales, animal stories and novels. It is my hobby. My parents have bought many interesting books.

Cinderella is a very fascinating fairy tale I love to read again and again. The Sleeping Beauty is another beautiful fairy tale. It tell us about a young beautiful princess. Fables tell us “funny stories” and teach us good lessons. The foolish tortoise, The mouse and the lion, The tortoise and the hare, The hungry fox and the bunch of grapes are some fables. Some stories are true stories. ‘The Nightingale and the Hawk’ highlights real life. I feel sad about the beautiful bird which was caught by the hawk. Fairy fales are unreal and contain stories about the magical powers of imaginary creatures called fairies. They are good for children. Animal stories tell us interesting facts about animals and their lifestyles.

I don’t like detective stories because they are about crime. I also dislike stories that have a tragic ending. Out of all the books I’ve read, one memorable book is ‘Bihisunu vana Adaviya.’ It’s a very interesting book.

Reading helps me to gain a lot of knowledge and spend my time, profitably. So, I will continue to read. It is indeed a great hobby. Books help us to learn. “It gives me a lot of pleasure and inspiration too.

Select good books to read

Reading gives us great pleasure which can differ from reader to reader. To an emotional reader, books of drama, poetry, travel, fiction and essays will bring great delight. Many others will derive great pleasure reading stories, jokes, comics, detective material and science fiction books.

One can spend ones leisure in various other activities but reading has no equal.

Reading has so many additional advantages which no other hobby or leisure time pursuit can give. The ability to read and relish books is really a boon. Reading provides delight, experience, entertainment and skills in various fields of life.

To get pleasure out of reading, one has to cultivate the habit of reading; that requires intelligence, quick comprehension, patience, love of solitude and certain language skills.

Unfortunately most students read only to gather information needed to get through the examinations. They read neither for pleasure nor for culture and knowledge.

It is really pity that most of people of modern society waste their valuable time playing cards, computer games, viewing films and television programmes, or gossiping as a mode of relaxation and pleasure.

Books are really a treasure trove of pleasure, knowledge, experience, intellectual food and refreshment. They are the best friends that would never leave you in the lurch.

The experience gained through reading ever stands in good stead with the reader.

To a cultivated and educated person, books provide the finest of pleasures. But we must choose our reading material with care and caution. There are many cheap and substandard books which can poison young minds and mislead them on paths undesirable.

In the selection of books you can consult your teachers, elders and librarians. Then there are book-reviews to guide you to better reading material. We should gradually make our own small library of choicest books, which can encourage, inspire, guide and entertain us. These books should be treasured.

My book on German Sheperds

My favourite book is ‘German Sheperd dog’. It is a very interesting book. The author of this book is Susan Samms. The book cover is by David Dalton. The book is about German sheperds. This book was printed in England and it has 157 pages.

One day I went to the BMICH for a book exhibition. When I was searching for a book about cars, I saw this book and I told my father that I would like to purchase that book. He bought it for me. It cost Rs. 1000.There are 8 chapters in this book.

I can learn many things about German Sheperds like what they eat, how they behave, what they can do, what makes them angry, what is good and bad for them and how they must be bathed and cleaned.

The pictures of dogs are very beautiful. I love this book.

Become book lovers!

Books are useful to all, whether you are a child, a grown-up or an old person. Books provide us with knowledge and therefore educate us to face various situations when they are presented to us in its various forms.

Books can also change our moods. For example, when you feel sad and despondent, a book can always cheer you up.

Like the selection of friends, a good amount of care must be taken when selecting a book. A good book can sharpen our intelligence and broaden our minds. Such books can create good morals and not only help us become good citizens, but also help us lead happier and nobler lives.

There are many great books written by great people which introduce us to science and technology, the arts and theatre, to mention a few. Great religious books such as the Dhammapada, Bible, Quran and the Bagawath Gita were written centuries ago to express noble thoughts and are a treasure house of knowledge.

It is a must that everyone, young or old, become book lovers and develop a voracious appetite for reading. Those who do not read often become ignorant and are generally suspicious of their environment. Some become superstitious and begin to entertain baseless fears.

The importance of reading books is obvious today. Books can never go waste. It is true that books ‘maketh a complete man’.

Value of reading

Reading is a very useful hobby. We can widen our knowledge by reading as Sir Francis Bacon says.

There are many types of reading sources, such as magazines, novels, newspapers and short stories.

By reading we can learn about the day-to-day happenings, society and also about famous people, great leaders, history, various events, science and technology and nature. We can improve our knowledge about other countries and also religious or famous places around the world.

We can borrow books from public libraries, school libraries and friends or purchase them from book shops.

We can read books in our leisure to spend it in a useful way instead of playing computer games or wasting our valuable time.

We should read more and more to enhance our knowledge.



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