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Bell Boys demand Soo-me’s resignation

The internal power struggle in the Bell Party has gone from bad to worse and it is imminent that the party would split into two after the LG polls. Vee-Jee, the Hera last week attempted to hush things up by saying there are only differences of opinions. In contrast, however, there is a major faction that is demanding a change in the leadership, pressurising Soo-me, the One-sa to step down.

Wedding Sam turns gel agent

It has now come to light that Wedding Sam had a hand in distributing a ‘gel that is easy’ in the capital through his happy and gay guys. Knowing only too well that Sam was the right man for the job with a proven track record, a notorious INGO had approached him for the free distribution of gel and Ef-els among the boys in Colombo.

Love-Slave on the art of winning polls

Saa-Jeet, the Love-Slave has warned Moosa-Mill that offering only free fried rice and biriyani won’t help the Greens to secure the Colombo Municipality. “You must canvass votes like my late father did - Brainwash people and give them fresh hopes! But the You-En-Pee would never win until we get rid of the current leader,” Love-Slave said.

Moosa-Mill – lies and damn lies

A devout Buddhist friend told Moosa-Mill that he could never become the Mayor of the capital city. “Why?” the casino king queried. “Not because you patronise casinos regularly but because what your name alone suggests! Moosa in Sinhala means lies and Mill means factory. You are truly a factory manufacturing lies, if we are to go by what you say at election rallies these days,” the Green Mayoral candidate was told.



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