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Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

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Above 5’6” below 38 smart, professional / businessman kind and caring partner is sought by B/G parents from Colombo suburbs for elder daughter 33, 5’2” pretty, slim, professionally qualified, working as Manager in private sector. Reply with family details and horoscope (non-malefic). Email : Tele No. 0112604021.

Academically and professionally qualified caring and kind-hearted partner N/S T/T below 30 years is sought by G/B parents living in Colombo District. Father Kandyan retired Senior bank manager, mother retired teacher from Sabaragamuwa, for their well mannered only daughter. She is 24+ 5’4” fair and beautiful, vegetarian well brought up with Sinhala Buddhist values. She holds Australian IT Degree C.I.M. (U.K.) P.M.P. (U.S.A.) presently well employed as a Business Analyst. Only brother Australian citizen. Please reply with family details, horoscope, copy, contact details. E-mail :

Academically and/or professionally qualified partner is sought by Govi Buddhist parents from Colombo suburb for daughter 30 years, 5’5”, medium complexion, graduate with Masters, CIMA and CIM, and well employed in IT field in private sector. She inherits substantial assets including a house. Please reply with horoscope. Email :

Academically / Professionally qualified educated partner sought by Kandyan B/G mother for her pretty slim daughter 5’5’, 80.12.21. She is qualified IT Degree CIM and MBA holder employed in private sector as a Senior Manager with good salary. Reply with horoscope and family details. Email : 081-2240812 contact after 7.00 p.m.

Academically / profesionally qualified son sought by affluent Govi Buddhist parents for daughter 31 years 5’3” management graduate properties and assets worth more than Rs.100 million. Reply with horoscope and details. Email:

Academically / professionally qualified caring non-smoking tall partner sought by G/B brother living overseas for attractive younger sister 33, 5’4” Graduate of University of Colombo now well employed in Colombo. Please reply with full details and copy of horoscope to Email:

Academically / professionally qualified partner with good qualities and living overseas, is sought by respectable Sinhala Buddhist parents living in Australia for their well brought up, academically and professionally qualified Doctor daughter, MBBS and PhD, DOB November 1978, 5’1”, fair, pretty, loving and caring, well mannered with an exemplary character, values Sri Lankan and Buddhist culture. Educated in Australia. Currently pursuing postgraduate studies in Medicine. Please reply with family details and contact information to

Academically, professionally qualified son is sought by B/G/D parents for their 29, 5’3” fair, pretty BSc Lecturer daughter. Kuja 7.

An accomplished professionally qualified well disciplined partner is sought by Bodu Govi parents for their attractive 5’6” in height fair pretty daughter 47 yrs. graduate with postgraduate qualification employed in private commercial bank.

An educated partner is sought by G/B family members for their sister BSc computer graduate completed her postgraduate. She is pleasant innocent kind-hearted 50 yrs. 5’0” looking much more younger working as a senior IT Executive in a leading organization. She inherits motor car land properties in Colombo and other valuable assets. Kindly reply with family details horoscope and contact number. 011-2779702.

An educated partner is sought for a daughter born in 1976 height 5’4” pleasant BSc (Engineering) employed in private sector Sinhala Govi Buddhist family. Reply with horoscope and the contact details.

Aunt seeks a suitably qualified person with good morals for her niece, born in 1972, 5’3”, slim, fair, pretty & young looking, a Senior Accountant in a prestigious company with a very good salary, awaiting migration to Australia soon. Dowry includes a car and other movable & immovable assets worth over twenty million. Malefic horoscope. Parents B/D, other castes considered. E-mail :

A Kandyan B/G family seeks a highly qualified MBBS Doctor son age 27 - 30 from a respectable family in Australia or willing to migrate, for their Australian citizen daughter, 26 yrs, 5’2”. Reading for PhD. Please reply with the horoscope in Sinhala or English. 0373973929.

A respectable established partner sought for daughter 39, young looking, pretty with homely qualities. Qualified, employed in a financial institution. Residing in Colombo, with means. Differences immaterial. Divorcees without encumbrances considered. Self-replies welcome.

Buddhist parents seek Doctor or Engineer for their 23 year old pretty daughter, who is a 2nd year Medical student in USA. Reply only if residence is in U.S.A. or Canada. Caste religion immaterial. E-mail:

B/C respectable parents seek an academically professionally qualified partner for their daughter IT Engineer (Data Base Manager) 35 years slim, fair, pretty, attractive (US Green Card holder). She has a flat in Colombo as well as in US. Planning to come to Sri Lanka for December holidays. Cast & religion immaterial. Respond with all details in first letter.

B/G parents Kalutara seek suitable educated partner for their daughter 31 years pretty slim height 5’2” BSc Graduate working as Grade one translator in Govt. Ministry Colombo. She owns furnished house and cash Kuja Shani 8th house preferred.

B/G parents residing in New Zealand seek an educated, qualified partner (Preferably from Overseas) for graduate daughter working in New Zealand, 27+, 5’1”, slim med dark in complexion.

Catholic parents in USA seek kind educated partner for their pretty fair daughter 29, 5’6” professional and well employed prefer from USA religion immaterial. Please reply with full details. Email:

Catholic Sinhalese mother seeks a suitable marriage partner for her 29 year old daughter who is currently working as a nurse and residing in Melbourne, Australia. She is fair, attractive, 5’2” tall. Interested parties please reply with family details to

Close to Colombo retired Government executive parents seek professionally qualified partner with sober habits for daughter 5’1” 40 yrs. pretty professional graduate with postgraduate qualifications holding Government executive position assets over 10m. Reply with copy of horoscope. 0113066035.

Colombo Sinhala Buddhist Salagama Govi wealthy family, looking for professional son for their daughter Specialist Doctor 27+ pretty 5’3”. Currently doing postgraduate studies in UK having valuable assets in Sri Lanka. Tel: 2368950.

Educated (professional / graduate) or well employed and established partner is sought by Canadian resident Sinhalese (K/C/B) parents for their professional daughter early 40’s (looks much younger) 5’ medium complexioned youthful and considered attractive. Divorced (innocent party) with no encumbrances. Widowers, divorcees (innocent party) and single dads (with one child) will also be considered. Residents of Canada, USA, UK and Australia preferred. Should be willing to migrate. Reply with full details and contact telephone number in first letter to:

Elder sister seeks suitable partner for her younger sister Sri Lankan Muslim age 36 divorced with a kid and settled in Australia. A practising Muslim preferably professionally qualified below the age of 45 would be ideal. Please email complete details of self to:

Family seeks a loving and responsible partner for sister living in Australia, educated and employed, pretty and talented, kindhearted mother of two grown up and understanding children. Long and painful marriage has ended. Age 52, respectable family background, G/Chr, no barriers, confidentiality assured.

Father and sisters looking for Muslim marriage partner below 48 years, divorcee preferably without children / unmarried person Sri Lankan Muslim living in Europe or North America for widowed daughter living in USA with 2 sons. Partner should be without any bad habits, whatsoever. She 43 years, religious, slim, pretty and 5’2” height, has income in U.S. to support boys and herself. Please apply,

GB professional parents in Australia seek a suitable partner for their 29+ slim tall fair pretty University educated professional daughter employed in Melbourne Kethu Neptune in Seventh House. Email:

Govigama Catholic 33 yrs. 5’3” fair Deputy Director parents seek a suitable partner for daughter, substantial assets available. Please send family details with contact number

Govi respectable parents seek partner for slim, fair very attractive daughter in forties (looks younger). Differences immaterial, if compatible.

Govt. retired RC/B parents from Gampaha District seek a suitable partner for their (graduate) daughter 39, 5’3” fair Government employed. Reply with horoscope.

G/B parents in Colombo seek an educated partner for MBBS doctor daughter 30, 5’4” slim medium complexion reply with hc & details email:

G/B respectable parents seek academically/professionally qualified well mannered son from a decent & educated family for slim, pretty & attractive daughter, US citizen, 31 looks much younger, 5’4’’ MBA, Consultant, divorced from a short lived marriage, no encumbrances, owns assets in USA and inherits valuable properties in Colombo suburbs. She is Deta Neketha and look for 4, 7 & 8 houses non-malefic horoscope. Respond with horoscope and family details to

Invitation from respectable Kandyan family to professional, kind hearted, caring, truthful, Sinhala, Buddhist, gentleman age 60 to 68 for their relative live in Europe. She is fair, slim, attractive, caring, cultured lady with assets in Sri Lanka and Europe. No encumbrances and willing to settle down in Sri Lanka. Serious replies with contact details please.

Kandyan Buddhist Govigama parents seek for their daughter 24, 5'5" fair slim attractive working as a H.R. Asst. Manager at a leading hotel at Kandy, reply with family details, a copy of the horoscope. 0812491282.

Moor professionally qualified age below 42 divorcee, widower or unmarried with no kids working abroad or here is wanted for a fair attractive 35 yrs 5’3’’ working as a Montessori Teacher in an International school in Colombo from a good family background who is a divorcee, no children. House available in Colombo.

Respectable Govigama Roman Catholic Sinhala parents seek for their only daughter a partner for marriage. Just reached 25 years, pretty and fair in complexion, well mannered, educated at St. Bridget’s convent, height 5’4’’. Presently employed as administrative staff in a reputed private University College in Colombo. Looking for a person with good family background, good qualities & educated. Horoscope immaterial but religion and caste preferred. Those employed overseas are also considered. Interested parties please write with details to:

SBK parents seek a partner for their 25 years, slim, fair, attractive daughter, 5’4” tall Bank worker, Shani Buddha Chandra 7th House. Caste not important but education is. Contact: 2649615. Email :

Suitable partner is sought for daughter currently employed in private sector company BSc and MBA height 5’6” pleasant born in 1970 Sinhala Govi Buddhist family. Reply with horoscope and the contact details.

S/B parents seek partner for 37 yrs. 5’6” fair slim pretty young-looking daughter a suitable partner. She is academically & professionally qualified senior manager in a Multinational Company divorced with a school going child. Please attach copy of horoscope & family details.




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