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How Sri Lankan novel reveals:

Steve Jobs's philosophical stance

Ronald Barthes is considered as a major literary theorist who revolutionised the theoretical outlook of the concepts of literary 'work' and 'Text'. Central to his thesis is the seminal distinction that Barthes made between the 'Text' and 'Work'.

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Buddhist confessional poetry:

Narratives of self-conversion

I devoted the last few columns to a sustained discussion of the nature, significance, vision, structure and rhetorical strategies inscribed in the poems of the Therigatha. Today, as a way of extending this discussion, I wish to juxtapose two comparable and highly esteemed texts from the Western tradition.

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Textual Tapestry and art of short story writing

Dilshan Boange’s Textual Tapestry, an anthology of prose, short stories and poetry, stirs the debate on diverse literary genres in general and short story in particular. In this week’s column I explore the art of short story writing, considering how Dilshan has exploited the intrinsic properties of the genre and how innovative he has been in making use of short story to convey ,

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