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Live greener with Go Green Solutions

Dr. Rajesh
B. Binwale.

Go Green Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, a new entrant to the Sri Lankan business arena, plans to introduce the concept of green living to all Sri Lankans at corporate and household level.

Specialising in Green Products and Green Services, the company can guide the client in identifying areas for improvement through green audits of your office, factory, hotel or home, helping in implementation of the improvements by supplying products and technologies, to guide a client to a green certification if needed. Go Green Solutions which is a 100 percent Sri Lankan company is currently tying up with various international and local partners to introduce a range of environment friendly technologies to Sri Lanka.

These modern technologies will address issues such as waste water treatment, sewage treatment, minimisation of dust generation in industrial applications and prevention of odour and gas emissions.

Go Green Solutions will also introduce Bio Digester Technology for safer, cleaner mobile toilets.

The latest technology with respect to Sewage and Waste Water treatment to be introduced by Go Green Solutions was recently presented to the Ministry of Water Supply and Drainage, the Ministry of Environment and the Central Environment Authority by a team of experts who arrived from India, representing their partners, Go Green Solutions India and the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) based in India.


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