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Will koalas become extinct?

Koalas are marsupial mammals which live in Australia. Koalas are the national symbol of Australia.

They eat leaves from trees . Koalas usually eat the oily leaves of eucalyptus trees. But eucalyptus leaves are not very nutritious, so koalas sleep for 20 hours a day to save energy. Koalas eat at night, when it is cooler.

They like to live on their own. They usually come out at night. Koalas are medium sized and are grey-brown with white patches on the outer body. Their fur protects them from hot and cold weather and also from rain. They have a round face and a black, snub nose.

Koalas mark their own trees with scents and scratches so that other koalas wonít go near them.

The koala babies are called joeys. They feed on their motherís milk. Koala babies leave their mother when they are one year old.

About 80 years ago there were millions of koalas living all over Australia. Because of modern manís actions such as clearing forests, the animals are disturbed. The koala Foundation of Australia believes that there are less than 65,000 koalas left today. A huge number of koalas were shot for their fur. Scientists predict that koalas will become extinct soon. Special hospitals have been set up to care for ill or hurt koalas or those that have lost their mothers. These activities are done by man to help the survival of animals.

Importance of a library

A library plays a very important role in promoting knowledge. There are so many people who love reading but they cannot afford to buy books which are very expensive today.

However, when we become members of a library, we can borrow valuable books to read. A public library is a place that is open to both rich and poor alike.

There are two sections in a library. They are the lending section and the reference section. People are allowed to enter those sections free of charge.

A library is a very useful place, especially for rural youth.

There are not only books, but also newspapers, magazines, periodicals and government gazette in a library. Due to many benefits a library provides us, a library has became a very important place to society.


My name is Rizly Azhar. I am nine years old. I live in Kalpitiya, I study at Al-Aqsa National School. I am in Grade Four.

My fatherís name is Hanfal. He is a businessman. My motherís name is Raisa. She is a housewife. My favourite food is noodles and my favourite colour is green. I want to be an engineer.

My college prize-giving

My school prize giving was held on October 7 and I was very excited. My excitement and happiness were doubled because my father who is working abroad was home for a holiday. He was going to be present when I received my prize. I was getting a prize for the first time. It was for English speech. I was happy and proud because English is my favourite subject.

When the day arrived, both my parents were present. There were six hundred and fifty recipients. I was the eighty ninth. So, after a long time my name was called. I hurried to the stage. I got the prize from the chief guest and turned round to see my parents. I saw them smiling and waving at me. I was very happy to have made them happy.

I got a lovely story book as my prize. I read it as soon as I got home. Since then, Iíve read it four times. Next year too Iím hoping to get a prize.

What causes obesity?

Many people eat a lot of fast food that contains fats and carbohydrates. Eating too much fat leads to obesity in human beings. Some people spend long hours in front of televisions and computers. They donít get much exercises.

In addition to this they often travel by vehicle instead of walking. Today most offices have modern machines. So, people have less work to do. Many do sedentary jobs. Such inactive people often gain weight and become obese. As the population has increased worldwide there arenít many open places such as parks for people to relax. There are no places such as trails and side walks for people to walk about and take a break from their hectic lifestyles. People have no time to be physically active because of their busy work schedules.

There is another factor that influences people to develop bad food habits. That is advertising. Snacks and sugary drinks are bad for our bodies.

If we have too much of them we will fall ill. We must eat healthy food and avoid salty food to prevent obesity. There is also another reason why people become fat. That is genes and family history. But by cultivating good food habits, people can reduce the seriousness of their illnesses and become strong, healthy people.

Value of sports

The value of sports and games is now being increasingly recognised in many places from personal, social, educational and national points of view. Games and sports are essential for the all round development of a personality. It is by playing games and sports that we can develop and maintain our healthy.

Many of the modern diseases such as hypertension, blood-pressure, diabetes, obesity and indigestion are direct results of our current lifestyle, which excludes physical exercise and activity. The absence of sports and games in our lives has also resulted in many mental ailments and insomnia.

Games keep our body alert, active, youthful and energetic. In activities involving games and sports, blood circulation increases and there is an increased supply of oxygen. Only a healthy person can work hard for long in a cheerful spirit. An unhealthy person may not take as much interest in work as a strong healthy person. Health cannot be maintained by food and exercises alone. Games and sports too play a key role in this area. They have some additional benefits as they are played in groups and in healthy competitive spirit.

Among many other things, they help develop co-operation, leadership qualities, team spirit and familiarise people on the rule of law.

Games and sports develop character and promote good health, which are two essential factors for improving the quality of oneís life.

[Your Poems]

Love your parents

Do you know,
Who loves you most,
Itís no one else, but
Your mother and father
They love you
With their whole heart
Itís never ending
Like the mighty ocean.

Do you think,
Children bring happiness to them?
Not all; some of you do,
But others do not care
Do you know that
The day you were born
No one was as happy as they were?

But, think a while
The way you treat them
Is it fair or not?
My dear friends,
Make your parents happy
Carry out your duties Ďní responsibilities
And fulfil their dreams
Then, youíre protected by God!

Tribute to my school

Thanks for always teaching me,
Supporting me and encouraging me
Youíre a true friend and I want you to know
How much I love and appreciate you
You are the best!

I have the best school
I like to call it HCC
When roses lose their fragrance,
And the world seems at an end
When the day has lost its gladness
What a blessing my lovely school HCC is

Youíve made me laugh and smile
More than I can bear
Youíve helped me through the hardest times
When I was in total despair
Godís greatest gift, I thank you always!

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