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Ra-Blue shows his true colours

Ra-Blue’s supporters turned up in their numbers when their leader returned home after an European tour. But lo and behold they were surprised to see Ra-Blue sporting a blue shirt, instead of green, their party colour. “Although he continues to hold on to the You-En-Pee leadership, these are his true colours” Kind-Siri, on hearing the news, told a fellow Reformist.

Soo-me in Europe until stars improve

The Bell Boys too are going after astrologers to find a solution to their internal power struggle. One such astrologer from Matara had warned Soo-me the One-sa to be out of the country until his malefics improve. Accordingly, Soo-me left for Europe last Friday on the pretext of addressing some party meetings.

It’s Wattala John’s baby

Wattala John invited Ka-Roo Victory-suriya and Saa-Jeet, the Love-Slave, for the Elephant Party’s reception organised to welcome its leader who returned to the country after an overseas tour. “You are the acting leader and we have no role to play. Hence, it’s your baby to welcome the leader,” Ka-Roo and Love-Slave told John.

Green Em Pees put on hold

Four disgruntled Green Em Pees have pledged support to the Governing types, saying that they are willing to cross the ‘well’ during tomorrow’s Bud-Jet at the House of Diyawanna. But the Governing types have advised them not to do so at this juncture and to wait until a crisis situation erupts in future to play their trump cards.


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