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Police confident of arresting suspects of Giriulla killing

The slaying of the Minuwangoda Pradeshiya Sabha Member, Dinesh Indika Chandrasiri of the United Peopleís Freedom Alliance (UPFA) came as a shock to those who knew him and to the people of the Minuwangoda electorate whom he represented.

Dinesh Indika Chandrasiriís body was found lying beside his motorcycle and his helmet at the Mohiniís Bridge in the Minuwangoda area December last year.

People who spotted his cold body lying at the bridge rushed him to the government hospital at Dambadeniya but he was already dead by that time. The incident appeared to be a typical motor cycle accident where the motor bike had crashed onto the bridge fatally injuring the rider.

Open verdict

The Minuwangoda police visited the scene and commenced initial investigations of the fatal accident. The Judicial Medical Officer (JMO) of the Gampaha Hospital who held the autopsy returned an open verdict surrounding the mysterious circumstances in which the Pradeshiya Sabha member died. Consequently, people bagan to send petitions to the Police Headquarters in Colombo.

The petitions were from residents of Minuwangoda who did not believe that Indikaís death came about as a result of an accident, and they demanded a probe further.

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) N.K. Ilangakone after perusing several petitions, directed the Senior Deputy Inspector of Police (DIG) Anura Senanayake in Charge of the Colombo Crime Divisionís to probe the accidental death further. Senior DIG Senanayake in turn called the Colombo Crime Division (CCD) Director, Superintendent of Police B.L. Ranaweera to investigate the accident. A crack team of sleuths drawn from the Special Investigation Unit of the Colombo Crime Division was entrusted with the job to probe the mysterious nature of the fatal road accident.

The Police team examined the damage caused to the motor cycle and came to the conclusion that it was not an accident by any stretch of imagination.

They found severe injuries on the skull and the leg of the deceased was not compatible with the damage caused to the motorcycle. They even found the helmet that he wore did not bear damages and there were no patches of blood at the scene of the accident. Director, CCD, SP, Ranaweera, SI Ajith Senanayake, PC Sarath Chandra, PC Tusitha, PC Gunesekera, PC Jagath, PC Ruwan visited the scene.

Underworld links

The SPI sleuths immediately began their work and found the deceased Pradeshiya Sabha member had links with the underworld gangs in the area prior to being elected to office.

The underworld gangs were later identified as Heenetiya Asithaís gang. Asitha was killed some time ago and a man named Susantha had taken over the reins of the notorious underworld gang. The gang operated in the Heenetiyana in the Minuwangoda area with impunity.

With painstaking investigations, the sleuths also discovered that the deceased Pradeshiya Sabha member Dinesh Indika Chandrasiri had cultivated a friendship with underworld men such as Ravul (moustached) Indika and Susantha. The three men became close buddies over a period of time.

The two underworld men helped the Pradeshiya Sabha member to achieve his political objectives. However, their happiness was short-lived due to underworld activity.

Susantha and Ravul Indika fell out with each other and became arch arivels and vowed to kill each other. The deceased Pradeshiya Sabha member, Dinesh Indika Chandrasiri became sandwiched as a result.

He did his utmost to quell their rivalry but in vain. It did not serve any purposel.

The rivalry between Ravul Indika and Susantha reached a peak when Susantha discovered that Ravul Indika was making plans to assassinate him.

Susantha was shocked beyond words when he learnt of the plot. Six months ago RavulIndika confronts Susantha in the Heenetiyana area and shoots him down but he escapes with injuries.

Last December, Susantha and a friend having attended an alms-giving function at Minuwangoda were returning home on a motorcycle. The motorcycle was ridden by Susantha.

On their way home they stopped the motor cycle at a lonely stretch of road to relieve themselves.

Thereafter Susantha climbed on to the pillion and his friend rode the motorcycle. An underworld man had tipped off Ravul Indika that Susantha was seen riding a motorcycle and was heading towards Minuwangoda.

The moment he heard the news, Ravul Indika grabbed his T-56 firearm and rode his motorcycle to encounter Susantha on the Minuwangoda road. He then calmly parked his motorcycle on the side of the road and patiently stayed for Susanthaís arrival.

The midday sun was excruciatingly hot and beads of sweat were pouring from his face.

Before long, he noticed a motorcycle from a distance barrelling down the road at full speed.

There was hardly any time to identify the rider at close quarters. So he aimed his T-56 firearm at the rider while riding his motorcycle and pulled the trigger at close range releasing a volley of shots that rang from the T-56 weapon. Ravul Indika saw the rider falling off the motorcycle and he believed that it was Susantha.

He then rode off quickly in the opposite direction to avoid being identified by the pillion rider but did not realise that he dropped his mobile phone on the road accidentally.

Susantha who was in the pillion at the time of the shooting also sustained injuries on his hand but escaped death. There were several gun- shot wounds on the chest and the head of the man who rode the motor cycle.

He succumbed to his injuries on the spot in a matter of few minutes.

After the assassin fled from the spot, Susantha picked up the mobile phone which was found lying on the ground and took it home.

After nursing his injuries at a medical clinic, Susantha went home, taking with him the mobile phone of Ravul Indika after having carefully juggled the numbers on the phone.

He found to his horror that Pradeshiya Sabha member, Dinesh Indika Chandrasiri had phoned Ravul Indika on that very day. Susantha was in a rage and went into a tailspin on seeing Dinesh Chandrasiriís number on that phone.

He immediately suspected that it was Dinesh Chandrasiri who phoned Ravul Indika and told him that he was riding a motorcycle after attending an alms- giving. Thereafter, he harboured a grudge against the Pradeshiya Sabha member and perpetually became his arch enemy.

Susantha, the underworld man meticulously planned to abduct the Pradeshiya Sabha member Dinesh Indika Chandrasiri and kill him as soon as he could lay his hands on him. It was on December 2011 that he put his plan into action.

Susantha subsequently learned that Dinesh Indika Chandrasiri had visited his brother's sonís school at Minuwangoda. According to Dinesh Indika Chandrasiriís wife, he left home early that day on his motor- cycle even without having his breakfast.

Having met his brother at the school he left the school premises around 10.30 am. Although he promised his wife that he would be back at home for lunch he never returned that day.

His wife constantly rang his mobile phone, but there was no answer. She then rang up his brother who informed her that his brother left the school premises around 10.30. am that day.

Around 6.45 pm. that evening some people in the Kotadeniyawa police area saw a man lying on the Mohini bridge alongside a motor cycle.

The people who gathered found him lying unconscious on the road. They were under the impression that it was a genuine accident and rushed him to hospital.

After monitoring several phone messages, police finally arrested a man linked to the killing last week.


The man confessed to the police everything that he knew about the killing. The Pradeshiya Sabha member was abducted while riding his motorcycle by an underworld gang travelling in a van and was taken to a lonely spot at Giriulle where he was beaten to death with clubs and poles.

They kept his body for some time there and when darkness fell they brought brought to Mohini bridge and dumped it there with his motor cycle.

Police have identified six suspects linked to the killing and they are on the run.

They have also identified the van used for abducting the Pradeshiya Sabha member. ďWe are confident of arresting the six suspects ď, police said.


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