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West attempting to impede reconciliation - Minister Ranawaka

In the 19th century, 90 percent of goods and services were transported via sea lanes. The economic hubs at the time were North America and Europe; the most important ocean was the Atlantic Ocean. In the 20th Century we saw, apart from Europe and USA, the Soviet Union, Japan, China, Korea and other Asian tigers coming into this picture. The Pacific Ocean between North America and East Asia emerged as the new economic hub. In the 21st Century, this strategic point would be the Indian Ocean, from Iran to Indonesia,

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‘Time to form alliance against Western Imperialism’

To withstand the oppression weak countries encounter in the face of Western Imperialism, it is high time an alliance of like-minded countries was formed, said Senior Counsel S.L. Gunasekara. In an interview with the Sunday Observer Gunasekara emphasised “Let us not forget that the West is economically powerful.

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Role of the UNHRC - Crossing the limits:

We shall overcome the turbulent waves generated by vested interests

Let us remain calm. Let us present our submissions factually with evidence. Let us not be perturbed by emotions. Let us think before we speak, write or act. Let our voice be united, sober and dignified. Let us be loyal and diligent. Let us uphold the norms of the Constitution and thereby defend the Head of State,

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‘Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures’, the theme of Int’l Women’s Day 2012 on March 8:

Woman - the fountain of life

All governments, especially those in developing countries should enact legislation to ensure that girls have equal and equitable access to education as the investment in educating girls may bring in more dividends than any other sector.

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LTTE front funds Amnesty International

There is no need for anymore evidence for AI’s links with the pro-LTTE group in Canada and how this human rights protector is violating the ‘rights’ of people by collecting funds through the group well-known for collecting money for the terrorist outfit, as the pictures of the fund raising campaign were published by the Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC) on their website. It is sad that AI, which boasts of its commitment to protect human rights, has been the favourite ally of the world's ruthless human rights violators who chopped and bombed innocent children, women and even their own people who crossed their path,

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