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Sri Lanka heralds nanotechnology

Sri Lanka will be a destination for nanotechnology research and development, said Chairman (SLINTEC) Dr. Mahesh Amalean, at a ceremony to launch the partnership between SLINTEC and Nagarjuna Fertilisers and Chemicals Ltd,(NFCL), India to develop the next generation nanotechnology-based plant nutrition solutions.

Dr. Amalean said that the partnership with Nagarjuna Group, a global leader in chemicals and fertiliser is the first step towards achieving this vision.

In a brief span of three years SLINTEC has been able to gain global recognition due to its accomplishment in research and development.

“The strategic partnership is a result of extensive scientific research of eminent scientists in the country. The international collaboration on nanotechnoly is proof of Sri Lanka's potential in the science and technology sector”, he said.

The partnership will boost productivity and income of farmers and create a sustainable business for both countries. Nagarjuna will purchase first generation nano plant nutrition products taking it from proof of concept to proof of value for commercialisation.

NFCL is a recognised integrated agri-fertiliser brand in India. The company was set up in 1974.

SLINTEC will carry out research and Nagarjuna will develop the product.The investment of the project is estimated at Rs. 800 million.

Dr. Amalean paid tribute to the team that initiated the collaboration which is the first international venture of SLINTEC which gained steady momentum during the past three years in research and development.

SLINTEC was set up as a result of a nanotechnology initiative approved by the Cabinet in 2006. The institute which began research in August 2009 is a private-public partnerhsip enterprise.The institute has filed seven patents and is recognised for world class research.

Senior Advisor Nagarjuna Fertilisers and Chemicals, R.S Nanda said that Nagarjuna has a vision for research and development and added that the strategic tie-up will help enhance nutritional efficiency and address environment degradation.

Vice President and Head of Emerging Technologies Division, NFCL Dr. Banibrata Pandey said that NFCL aims at building a long-term business partnership with SLINTEC as an exclusive nanotechnology research hub for its nano plant nutrition program.


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