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Well-orchestrated drama to sling mud at Sri Lanka

Last week’s horror drama featuring Premakumar Gunaratnam, alias Noel Mudalige, with the Australian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka Robyn Mudie as a ‘support actress’, exposed the concocted stories of the so-called white van abductions – a money-spinner for local NGO goons and bankrupt Opposition politicians.

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Need to be promoted as national celebration stressed:

Significance of New Year in April

When the Sun moves from the Meena Rashi (House of Pisces) to the Mesha Rashi (House of Aries) in the celestial sphere, Sri Lankans celebrate the New Year or Aluth Avurudu (in Sinhala) and Puththandu (in Tamil). It marks the end of the harvest season and also coincides with one of two instances when the Sun is directly above the country.

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Boost for Northern agricultural development

The Government has allocated Rs.61,000 million to the Jaffna district to accelerate development projects, authoritative sources said. This allocation includes the expenditure of Rs.20,000 million on the Iranamadu Water Supply project for the entire Northern province. The central government has also allocated another Rs.5,000 million to the Northern Provincial Council under budget allocations for other development activities in the province, the sources said. Another Rs. 1600 million has been earmarked for resettlement of displaced families in the High Security Zones (HSZs).

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