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Cats- capture them when asleep

When you can draw a cat in the sleeping posture accurately you will then be able to draw cats in any position. A sleeping cat may be deep in dreamland and appear to be motionless, but no sooner than you start sketching it will suddenly twitch, stretch and assume a different position. A cat which is resting however, will normally remain in the same pose for a long time.

The secret is to observe it carefully and then quickly jot down the basic shape. After that it doesn't matter if the cat moves because you can take your time to add the finer details.

Observe the cats in three sleeping positions shown in Figure 1. Study how the cats legs and head have been drawn. Draw the cats in Figure 1 in twice the size of the examples given here. Use pen or pencil. Remember how to convey the curve of the body, muscle and limb and make your marks on the paper.

A multicoloured tortoise shell cat is shown in Figure 2. Observe the fur markings I have depicted. t is the same technique that was used in past lessons. Study the way I have used fine lines, dots and dashes to give an illusion of different colours and tones.

With most drawing pens you can work very fast. The ink will not smudge easily. One can produce an excellent pencil drawing by using a hard pencil for the outline, then a soft pencil (4B) to give middle tones and deep shades. Beautiful pencil drawings are quite rare. Don't ignore this medium which in fact is easier than pen work.

Try to draw the cat in Figure 2 in the same pose she is sitting; on her tail with her tail peeking between her hind legs. If your drawing goes wrong, don't worry.

Study the skaetch carefully and then re-draw. It pays to be determined and patient.


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