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Thamel, Kathmandu’s tourism showpiece

Vibrant, bustling with life, bursting with colour... This is how one would describe Thamel, the popular tourist and shopping destination of Kathmandu, Nepal. It is an area that anybody visiting the Himalayan kingdom’s capital in the Kathmandu valley would not want to miss.

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Arahat Sariputta:

Buddha's brilliant disciple

This is the story of Sariputta, one of the ten major disciples of the Buddhist Order. He was considered the most brilliant of Buddha's disciples. Rajagaha in ancient India was an epic centre of learning, during the Buddha era. Many schools of philosophy flourished there. One such school of thought was Sanjaya Bellattiputta.

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The seasonal migration of birds

Through the ages, the migration of birds has drawn the fascination of man. It is a phenomenon that comes around twice each year in the autumn and spring. In the Southern Hemisphere birds start to leave their nesting territories near the Arctic Region or the Temperate Zone,

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