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Best time to check sensitivity, says MR

MR, having taken a decision to dissolve three Councils that are Provincials, met the bigwigs of the provinces. They pointed out that the time was not opportune to go for an election as the farmers in these areas had shattered dreams due to the drought. “Then, this is the best time to check how sensitive they are towards the Government,” MR said.

Who leaked Hurr-Shah’s O/Ls story?

The self-appointed economic pundit Hurr-Shah, who had even failed his O/L examination at Royal, has become the laughing stock even among Green Em Pees loyal to Saa-Jeet, the Love-Slave. The Love-Slave camp often refers to him as Oh-level Hurr-Shah. He had even inquired from his batchmates at the Reid Avenue School to ascertain who had leaked the news.

Fonny happy over Prez pardon

A heated verbal confrontation took place at the court premises between Tea-Run the Potato and Fonny’s former private secretary Say-Naka. The latter accused Tea-Run of failing to obtain a full pardon. But Fonny checked Say-Naka, saying he doesn’t mind and was more than happy with what he received. “At least I can eat together with my wife and daughters. Are you envious of that?” Fonny asked Say-Naka. “Well if you don’t mind, I am fine with it,” the ex-Sec said.

Ra-Blue now turns to women

Ra-Blue had told his women’s wing - Lak-Ladies that the Elephant Party does not have enough female representation. All present were amazed to hear that and in hushed tones whispered to one another as to why their leader had suddenly shown an interest in women. One wonders whether Ra-Blue is sick of his happy and gay team and prefers to go back to basics.


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