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Sunday, 28 October 2012





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Government Gazette

President Mahinda Rajapaksa addresses the World Energy Forum in Dubai Pic: Sudath Silva

President at World Energy Forum:

‘Hunger for alternative energy must not increase hunger for food’

Countries must keep in mind that in the search for alternative energy sources, agricultural land must not be used. We must not let the hunger for alternative energy lead to an increase in hunger for food.

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Appeal to Sri Lankan Tamils :

Do not be misled again by pro-LTTE TNA

Apart from being partners of an unregistered alliance called the Tamil National Alliance, they are all former mouthpieces of the separatist agenda and they continue to be the obstacle to allowing people to start life afresh as that would mean an end to their own existence politically.

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Busy last week ahead in tight race

Heading toward the final week of a long campaign, US President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney are locked in a neck-and-neck contest, with Obama scrapping like a challenger and Romney campaigning like a president.

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