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Sunday, 28 October 2012





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Nibiru (in red) is coming closer to Earth An ancient Sumerian tablet

Do natural disasters herald a new age?

Astrologers, scientists and others have spoken of a Planet X. Are they referring to Nibiru and does it herald catastrophe and the end of the Earth, a greater consciousness for nature and mankind or another planet orbiting the solar system?

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Rain retreat ends on Vap Full Moon Poya day

The Vap Full Moon Poya is a very significant Poya in the Buddhist calendar. According to Buddhist history, many events related to the life of the Buddha occurred on this Poya day. It was on a Vap Full Moon Poya day that the Buddha ended His seventh (Vassana) retreat for the rainy season since His Enlightenment which He had spent in the celestial abode of Tavatissa.

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The danger of glamorising crime

“House of the dead” is not a macabre term coined by the writer but the name of a book by a famous Russian author of the 19th century. Any way we will comeback from Russia to Sri Lanka first. Or specifically to its media field that has turned it into a twin house of death.

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