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Sunday, 10 February 2013





Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

Parking-Soothy advises Love-Slave

Parking-Soothy, the funding agent of Saa-jeet, the Love-Slave's 50.000 cash donation program for religious institutions said that the program should go ahead despite Ra-Blue's objections. Love-Slave has been told that he should go solo, without amalgamating it with the Elephant Party's programs on Ra-Blue's orders. Parking-Sooty said that he wouldn't fund it unless Love-Slave handles it alone.

Ra-Blue loyalists clash

An internal rift has erupted among Ra-Blue loyalists following media reports on the Green leader's plans to create deputy posts. Knowing only too well that one of them would definitely go to Love-Slave, there is stiff competition among Ra-Blue loyalists for the remaining three posts. Those aspiring for glory are Sun Kind-leader, Lucky Milk-Fall, Kind Village-House, Car-Beer Ha-She-Mm, Atta-Leader, Wattala Johnna and Joe Mike.

Sam to seek Big Lady's advice

Wedding Sam last week met two INGO kingpins who had offered him lavish funding. They had promised Sam that they could offer bundles of dollars if Sam could organise a series of demonstrations in the lead up to the Geneva sessions. Sam is now in the wilderness and hopes to seek 'expert' advice from the Retired Big Lady.

Soo-me to charm masses

Soo-me, the One-sa is puzzled as to why the masses are still reposing faith in the governing types, though they face many hardships. "I can't understand why people are still with them. Perhaps they have been charmed. In that case, we too will have to do likewise, else we will remain in the Opposition forever," he told Lull Kanth.


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