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Sunday, 31 March 2013





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Government Gazette

At the foot of the Cross, the Rugged Cross

Rushed I all the way to the Calvary, O Lord
Treading the path you had swayed through
Carrying a cross, a heavy Rugged cross
Heard of the pardon you granted
To the hard core thief nailed on to your right

Forgiving his sins and awarding paradise for his remorse
I too longed to gain in abundance
Your love for me and pardon for my sins
Alas! Only to find you not on the Cross, the Rugged Cross
Am I late O Lord? Or am I condemned and prior destined?

Have I missed to be a Magdalene or the thief canonised in Calvary?
Crumbled in desolation I look up again with hope to the empty Cross
Hark! There I feel on my cheek, a drop rolling down with warmth
Filling my heart with divine ecstasy
Reminding of the Manna that came from heaven

Light I feel,the heaviness of the sin-ache gone out of my senses
Is it a trance? No, not at all, Its indeed real
Know I now, wherefrom the drop had come
Thatís the last drop of blood what my Lord has preserved
To cleanse me, knowing well I too would rush with remorse!

I now walk down the Calvary, blessed and resurrected
With a soul filled with divine love
Hoping to see my Risen Lord in all glory
On the day of Easter, the Holy Easter!



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