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Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette
Planning for old age is also part and parcel of life planning

When the map is not the territory it represents…:

Plan life’s journey

The other day, I was having a discussion with a few of my subordinates about corporate planning and life planning. I explained to them that both have many similarities. One young executive asked me, “Unlike business planning where theories and formulae are involved, cannot I plan my life and live it from my heart?”

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Baffling phobias

A phobia is an extreme fear of a particular thing or situation, especially one that cannot be reasonably explained. Almost everybody has some kind of phobia. If you have no morbid fear of darkness (achluphobia), you will fear flying (aviophobia).

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Thorns on the Side

Forty years of cellular telephony

Can you believe that cellular telephony is now 40 years old? Last Wednesday, a largely wireless world celebrated that major milestone in human history. It was on April 3, 1972 that Martin Cooper of Motorola made the first cellphone call 40 years ago.

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