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New Year as observed by the Hindus

Mother Nature heralds the coming of events well before the calendar months. The blossoms of the Flame of the Forests - the flamboyant Erabadu flowers usher in the New Year which falls in the auspicious month of Chittirai. Another messenger that Mother Nature sends is the cuckoo bird which sings sweetly to let us know that the spring season is nigh.

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Getting to Aussie mainland, a new ruse by asylum seekers

What weíve seen over the last few months is a dramatic drop in the number of boats from Sri Lanka to Australia and thatís been driven by a decision by the Government to fly people back to Sri Lanka where they donít meet the refugee requirements. The risk of death hasnít stopped people from getting onto a boat, but the prospect of being flown home within a couple of days back to Sri Lanka has. And if these people donít meet the refugee requirements then theyíll be flown back to Sri Lanka.

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Border control agency faulted:

Boat people enter Australian port

The hot topic of the Sri Lankan boat people or Ďillegal economic immigrantsí as the Australian authorities now call them, has once again hit the news with 66 illegal immigrants found in a wooden fishing trawler moving towards Australia as close as 200m to the shoreline. This time, the trawler which is suspected to have taken off from a Sri Lankan port have surprised the Border Patrol Agency by entering one of their busiest ports,

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