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Shahi-Art takes on Kind-Leader

Sun Kind-Leader had a mouthful from Green Em Pee Shashi-Art after he masterminded a ploy to keep Jaffna's only You-En-Pee Em Pee out of Ra-Blue's visit to the North. But an irate Shashi-Art took Kind-Leader head on saying that he had no business in Jaffna without her blessings. "If I want, I could get people in Jaffna to protest and chase you out," she told Kind-Leader in Ra-Blue's presence.

Till-Van cautions Soo-me

Till-Van has cautioned Soo-me, the One-sa not to play the electricity tariff card too much by switching off power as they did at Maharagama. "Even our brothers warned me against this as it could take the masses' memories back to our acts in 1988/89. People still accuse us of keeping people in darkness by blasting transformers and ordering people to switch off lights," Till-Van told Soo-me.

Ra-Blue's media gimmicks

Ra-Blue had employed his gimmicks while keeping himself out of the picture. He got his blue-eyed boy Ah-Killer to light candles at the House of Diyawanna while watching the notorious acts of his Green Em Pees from his office. Similarly, he visited Jaffna and the Uda-yarn office and shed crocodile tears while having a dig at the Guild that is for Editors, against which he carries a long animosity.

Big Lady turns down Sam's request

Wedding Sam pleaded with the Retired Big Lady to make a statement on the new electricity tariff. "I know that you say it in good faith but that would put me in trouble. People will start talking about the power cuts during my era and I will be inviting trouble. On the other hand, people don't take me seriously any more and I don't want to become a joke," she said.



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