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Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

Towards national reconciliation and development:

CSD plays key role in terror-free Sri Lanka

When the entire country was engulfed in the flames of war due to the terror tactics of the LTTE, the role played by the Home Guards then attached to the Sri Lanka Police, to ensure that the day to day lives of the civilians especially those who lived in border villages was not disrupted due to terrorism,

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Honour killings ‘chillingly’ common in Haryana villages:

Beaten and beheaded

Media in India are expressing anger over the ‘horrific’ killing of a couple who were planning to marry despite family opposition. Police said 23-year-old Dharmender Barak was beaten and beheaded and his 20-year-old girlfriend Nidhi killed in Rohtak district in the northern state of Haryana in what the Indian NDTV called “a shocking example of medieval-style killings in the name of family honour”.

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Sunday Crime :

Infatuation leads to death

She was in a yellow polka-dotted dress with her two braids of hair hanging on either side of her shoulders. Dayani was peering at the bookshelves filled with books. Books being her first love she loved to read and spend every spare moment reading. Dayani was a comely lass with sharp features. She was beautiful Her almond-shaped eyes were prominent because of the beauty spot on the tip of her chin.

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