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World Car-Free Day :

'Rediscover the city by bus or bike'

People from around the globe get together today to remind the world that we don't have to accept a society dominated by cars. But do we want just one day of rallying and then return to "normal" life?

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Buddhism grows in popularity in Britain

There are probably more Buddhists in Britain than one thinks. The number has grown rapidly in recent years. The census of 2011 recorded almost 250,000, a significant increase since 10 years ago, when it was below 150,000. Overall this makes Buddhists, the fifth largest minority faith group after Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and Jews.

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The macabre mix of the dead and living

It is not everyday that one gets invited to commemoration functions. My cousin,a physician now dead, then in his capacity as the ex president of a prestigious association in Colombo once invited me to one. Giving up my usual lethargy about dressing up I overdressed in honour of my cousin and attended it. As I entered the hall my cousin signalled me to sit in the front row. The ceremony had not yet begun.

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