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Government Gazette

Thousand Iraqis killed in September

5 Oct Tehran Times

Nearly 1,000 Iraqis were killed in September, one of the highest monthly death tolls in years, the UN said , giving a somber figure that reflects the militants’ determination to rekindle large-scale sectarian conflict.

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World's most expensive necklace on sale

5 Oct DailyMail

An egg-shaped diamond, found in a lump of rock by a poverty-stricken African girl, has gone on sale – as the centrepiece of the world’s most expensive necklace. Known as L’Incomparable, the flawless yellow gem has more than 407 carats.The necklace is studded with 90 white diamonds weighing nearly 230 carats and it can be yours for £34million.

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US military intervention in Syria can lead to WWIII -Analyst

5 October Iran News

A Middle Eastern affairs analyst said the main objective of the United States in leading a possible military action against Syria is weakening the resistance front in the region. The military operation was supposed to start, but Syria's threat to hit the Israeli nuclear power plant in case of coming under attack made the Americans put their plan on hold,

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