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UNHRC blind to reconciliation efforts

The resolutions moved in the Human Rights Council when the country has made significant strides in the reconciliation front are indicative of some states' intention to intervene in Sri Lanka's internal affairs, Director of Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry's Department for Humanitarian Cooperation and Human Rights Anatoly Viktorov said on Friday.

Speaking to media in Colombo after a three day official visit to assess Sri Lanka's human rights situation ahead of a crucial round of UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva next month, the Russian envoy said judging by past developments in various UN bodies including the HRC against Sri Lanka they have come to that conclusion.

"The level of confrontation and politicization of the issues at the UNHRC is incredible. It is even higher than the UN Security Council which is a political body. "

He said this is one additional proof, that Human rights agenda is constantly being used by some countries as a device or a tool for foreign policy issues.

"We cannot exclude that in some extreme situations, country specific resolutions could be needed. But in many cases like Iran, Sri Lanka and certain others we do not agree with the approaches for country specific resolutions."

He said war crimes should be investigated in any country, not just in Sri Lanka but Russia was not of the view that an international inquiry is necessary on Sri Lanka.

He said any impartial observer should admit that Sri Lanka has shown progress in addressing many post conflict issues.

"Nothing would come out of

the international investigation. It is difficult to compare conflicts, people's suffering.

You cannot compare Rwanda and Sri Lanka. The intensity, scale and scope of the crimes are different but still if crimes have been committed they should be and must be investigated," he said.


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