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Malsha pledges to help children continue education

Serving underprivileged people and providing education to every child in the district are my dreams and desires, United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA) Colombo district Candidate Malsha Kumaratunga said in an interview with the Sunday Observer.

Malsha Kumaranatunga

She said that a large number of urban children give up school education and join the labour force due to poverty. This tragic atmosphere should be changed.

They should be assisted to continue their education uninterruptedly. A mechanism should be drafted to identify those children and help them continue their education from the place where they stopped it.

Q: What motivated you to enter politics?

A: I have had a very blessed life. I thought it was time to do something for my country. Advocate change. Bring my ideologies to life. My education in Law and the practical experience I had having worked in politics for a few years enabled me to make a sound decision in this regard.

Q: Who is your role model in politics?

A:My role model would have to be my father. I admire his calm and measured demeanour in both his professional and private life.

My father is my hero. I have always wanted to follow in his footsteps.

Q: Do you receive guidelines from your father Jeevan Kumaranatunga?

A:Yes, I ask my father for advice and guidance and consult with him when I make important decisions. He has always been my pillar of strength.

However, he also trusts me to have the final say and make independent decisions of my own.

Q: The entrance of younger generations to politics is increasing, what is your outline about this?

A:I think its refreshing. We need an injection of youth into politics. It is a catalyst for change and progression in the system. And today's youth are tomorrow's opinion and decision makers.

Q: Are you confident that you can secure a seat in the Western Provincial Council?

A:Yes, I am fairly confident that I can secure a seat in council. I have entered the race with pure intentions and with a vision. A vision to impart my knowledge and experience thus gained for the betterment of my fellow citizens. I think my work so far has reflected this and the people in time to come will see the same and understand and vote intelligently for a candidate who can represent them in an educated and intelligent manner.

Q: What are your future plans in politics?

A:I would like to focus on fulfilling my goal of working towards social, economic and political equality for both sexes. Furthermore, my aim is to provide access to education for every child and a life free of poverty.

Education to me is of utmost importance and it is the birthright of every child. And educating a child means educating an entire generation thereafter.

Q: When you compare politics and acting to which sector do you give higher priority?

A:I relate more to politics and it has a far higher priority in my life. Politics to me is a tool to advocate change, Positive change. empower people and bring about a positive change in their lives.

Films are usually seen only as a source of entertainment but if this medium of expression is used in a positive proper manner it can also be utilized to educate people, create awareness about a particular social cause or issue, etc. Films have the ability to capture a person's attention and imagination for a defined period of time.

Q: Do you think what was the milestone and success in your father's political life?

A:My father is the only candidate that has completed 20 years in politics from the Colombo district. My father has worked for his people for the last two decades and the fire I saw in his eyes the day he entered politics is still glowing. He will continue to serve the people and the country till his last breath.

Q: Do you like Minister Jeevan Kumaranatunga as an actor or politician?

A:To me he is my father and I will always only see him as my father.

Q: As a young politician what is your advice to the younger generation?

A:That we should be the change we want to see in Sri Lanka.

We need to put aside our differences and work together towards one goal.

Q: These days you are busy and can you explain the response of people towards you on behalf of whom you are going to contest in the coming Western Provincial Council election?

A:I see a great response. I receive a lot of love and support from the people and i hope to keep their trust and work for a better tomorrow. My journey has just begun.

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