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Atta-Leader's lucrative business

Atta-Leader is back in business, promoting his 'clients' at the Uva polls. He is the least bothered about a You-En-Pee victory as long as he could make money through back door nominations.

Sources in Kotha that is Siri said that even Ra-Blue is not fully aware of Atta-Leader's lucrative business when handing over nominations before each election.

Maa-lick promotes Ra-Blue

Maa-lick visited the Retired Big Lady recently to promote his right Royal friend.

The Big Lady's face turned sour when Maa-lick said that Ra-Blue will definitely contest the next Prez polls and sought her help. "The new trend is with him" Maa-lick said. "Really, I have never noticed such a thing. Good if he could win the hearts of people now at least" the Big Lady replied.

Big Lady pleads with She-Rah-Knee

Deeply perturbed over the news from Maa-lick, the Big-Lady thereupon telephoned the disgraced former See-J She-Rah-Knee and sought her help to promote the Lady as the common candidate.

"You may get a sympathy vote from a few but I have a larger base and more experience. Hope you would support me," the Big Lady pleaded with She-Rah-Knee.

Anura Prince gunning for rebels

Anura Prince has told his confidants to identify the senior Bell Boys who had failed to visit him in hospital after the accident.

At least two senior politburo members and a few party seniors had deliberately kept away since Anura Prince had turned dictator in looking for a candidate for the next Prez polls. On hearing the news, Anura Prince told his informants to identify who they were.

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